Zoutang Dried Pear

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City: Jieyang

Introduction: Zoutang Green Skinned Pear is a world famous fruit of Lingnan. The pear grows in the hills which are behind several villages called Zoutanglong in Jieyang City, so the pear is also named as Zoutang Pear. The pear looks like the apple in shape, and its pulp is plump, tender and full of juice. The dried sliced Zoutang pear maintains the edible value as well as the medical value. Put the dried pear in water for drink can treat rheumatism, pharyngalgia, fatigue night diseases of phlegm-heat type, and dryness-heat. As the dried pear enjoys the reputation of “antelope in Tangshan” in Southeast Asia, the local Zoutang dried pear is a precious gift for overseas Cantonese.




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