Zhaoqing Rice Dumpling

Zhaoqing Rice Dumpling
Zhaoqing Rice Dumpling

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City: Zhaoqing

Introduction: Zhaoqing Guozheng Tzuntze (glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves) is a household name in Guangdong province.  The rice dumpling is wrapped with uniquely large winter leaves into the shape of a pillow or a quadrangle. It’s a tradition for the local people to eat Zhaoqing Guozheng Tzuntze during festivals. Although Zhaoqing Guozheng Tzuntze is one of the glutinous rice dumplings, it uses the local winter leaves or water plants as the wrapper, different from that of other glutinous rice dumplings. Normally, one Zhaoqing Guozheng Tzuntze weighs 0.5 kilo.




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