Ying Stone

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City: Qingyuan

Introduction: Ying stone, also known as Yingde stone, is a traditional specialty of Yingde and is mainly found on Yingshan Mountain, 25 kilometers east of downtown. The stones are comprised of limestone with calcite deposits and are known for being thin, crinkled, seeped and permeable. Ying stones vary in color, like light greenish blue, grayish black, light green, black and white. However, stones in black color are the most valuable. Yingde Stone is mainly used for garden landscaping like making artificial hills. It’s also a representative stone for decoration in traditional studies. In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the stones were often used as tributes. In the Qing Dynasty, Ying stone was as famous as Taihu stone, Libi stone and Huangla stone, and was one of the top four garden stones in China.




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