Tips for Traveling in Guangdong

Tips for Traveling in Guangdong

1.Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka dialects represent the regional languages in Guangdong; while Mandarin is commonly used in big cities.

2.The local diet in Guangdong is mainly light, fresh and seafood cuisine. Many snacks too.

3.The accommodation in Guangdong tourism cities is satisfactory, with all facilities available. Nevertheless, during the Golden Weeks of tourism, most hotels are highly occupied. Tourists traveling to Guangdong in this time frame are suggested to make reservation prior to departure.

4.With Guangzhou city as center, Guangdong has open expressways across prefecture-level cities. The traffic condition of highways in the province is good. However, restricted by the mountainous landform, there are many curves along the expressways and highways. Foreign vehicles should pay attention to the road and watch for signs.


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