Postal services 

Most tourist hotels provide postal services. Travelers at the hotel can send postcards, letters and EMS to anywhere in the world at any time. However, the printing, packet and parcel should be sent from the designated post office. Some stores provide such services and they will help the travelers to send what they have bought to anywhere in the world.

If you wish to send important items such as antiques or cultural relics that are under customs control, you will have to ask for the assistance of the local branch of the international post office, instead of the small post office in the hotel.

Fax and email is usually handled in the Business Center of the hotels. 

Guangdong Post official website in English: http://eng.183.gd.cn 


Tips on gift giving

Chinese do not usually accept a gift, invitation or favor when it is first presented. Politely refusing two or three times is thought to reflect modesty and humility. Accepting something in haste makes a person look aggressive and greedy, as does opening it in front of the giver. Traditionally the monetary value of a gift indicated the importance of a relationship, but due to increasing contact with foreigners in recent years, the symbolic nature of gifts has taken foot.

Present your gifts with both hands. And when wrapping, be aware that the Chinese ascribe much importance to color. Red is lucky, pink and yellow represent happiness and prosperity; white, grey and black are funeral colors.

The popular items include cigarette lighters, stamps (stamp collecting is a popular hobby), T-shirt, the exotic coins make a good gift to Chinese.

And the following gifts should be avoided:

1. White or yellow flowers (especially chrysanthemums), which are used for funerals.

2. Pears. The word for Pear in Chinese sounds the same as separate and is considered bad luck.

3. Red ink for writing cards or letters. It symbolizes the end of a relationship.

4. Clocks of any kind. The word clock in Chinese sound like the expression the end of life.

Foreign credit card business available in China

Currently, business of the following foreign credit cards is available in China:

1. Master Card

2. Visa Card

3. American Express Card

4. JCB card

5. Diners Card


Chinese currency

Chinese currency is called Renminbi, which is issued by the People's Bank of China. The unit for Renminbi is Yuan, and also Jiao and Fen. The abbreviated symbol of Renminbi Yuan is RMB¥.

Foreign currency exchange

In China, such foreign currencies as US dollar, pound, French franc, German mark, Japanese Yen, Australian dollar, Austrian Schilling, Belgium Franc, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Swiss franc, Danish Krone, Dutch florin Guider, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Singapore dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, Italian Lira, Macao Pataca, and Finish Markka, etc. can be converted into RMB. Banks can provide foreign currency exchange business.

Tips on buying Chinese antiques

The following tips can be referred to when foreigners buy Chinese antiques in China.

1. Choose the shops owned by the government.

2. Make sure that the antiques you bought carry a wax seal indicating that it is authentic and is able to be exported from China.

3. Antiques dating before 1795 cannot be legally exported.

4. Keep the purchase receipts and show it to the customs when leaving China.


How to apply for travel permit

An alien wishing to travel to cities or counties closed to aliens shall apply in advance for a travel permit to the public security bureau of city or county where he/she stays and proceed there only with permission.

To apply for travel permit, the following procedures must be completed:

(1) Submit passport or residence certificate for examination.

(2) Provide papers supporting the purposes of travel.

(3) Fill in a travel application form.


(1) An alien's travel permit shall be valid for one year at the most, and may not exceed the period of validity of his/her visa or residence certificate.

(2) An alien who, after obtaining a travel permit, wishes to extend its validity, tour more places closed to aliens or increase the number of accompanying persons shall apply to public security bureau for extension or alteration.

(3) Aliens shall not enter places closed to aliens without permission.


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