Zhan Garden

Zhan Garden

Location: National Highway 105, Beitai Village, Nan District, Zhongshan City

Rating: AAAA

Sightseeing Theme: Gardens&Ancient Towns

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 17:30

Admission: RMB 60 per ticket

Key Words: Scenic Spot, Photography

About: Zhan Garden is the largest classical private garden in Lingnan that features the filial piety culture. The owner built this garden personally as a token of his gratitude for his parents’ love and care. In order to build a quiet home for his parents to live in comfort in their old age, he enlisted hundreds of skilled workers from Suzhou and Hangzhou for the work and the construction took five years. Besides, he named this garden after his mother’s surname. This Lingnan garden maintains the gracefulness of classical Chinese garden as well as the feature of western architectures. Every structure in the garden embodies the owner’s filial devotion to his parents. Every sight here reflects his goodwill. In this picturesque garden, the visitor feels deeply the affection of humanity.


Transportation:Bus: 1. Take Bus No. 5: Boai Hospital – Beitai – Zhan Garden – Banfu; 2. Take Bus No. 11: Fuhua Bus Station – Beitai – Zhan Garden – Xinxu; 3. Take Bus No. 15: Shagangxu – Beitai – Zhan Garden; 4. Take Bus No. 22: Fuhua Bus Station – Beitai-Zhan Garden – Jinshancheng; 5. Take Bus No. A1: Fuhua Bus Station – Nanqu – Zhan Garden – Tanzhou.



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