Deqing Schooling Palace

Deqing Schooling Palace
Deqing Schooling Palace
Deqing Schooling Palace

Location: No.26, Zhaoyang Xi Lu (Rd.), Decheng Town, Deqing County, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAAA

Sightseeing Theme: History&Heritage / Creative Culture

Opening Hours:

Admission: RMB 30 per ticket

Key Words: Scenic Spot, Photography

About: In Deqing County beside Xijiang River stands a majestic ancient architecture—Deqinng Schooling Palace, a national key protection unit of cultural relics. By its name, we know that it is a place for students to take classes. In ancient China, schooling palace was an important place for the cultivation of local talents before the modern system of primary school, middle school and university existed. Deqing Schooling Palace was the official school in Deqing. It is the place for worshiping Confucius and for students to take classes. Therefore, it is also called Temple of Confucius. There is always a Dacheng Hall (Hall of Great Achievement) in all Temples of Confucius around China to keep the statue of Confucius regardless of the size of temple. The Dacheng Hall in Deqing Schooling Palace is the largest, most exquisite and most majestic one of all the Temples of Confucius in South China. First built in 1081 A.D. in the Song Dynasty, it is over 900 years old. It once collapsed and was rebuilt in 1297 A.D. in Yuan Dynasty. It is the only remaining ancient wood-brick structure architecture built in the Song and Yuan dynasties in Guangdong Province. The original architectural complex covers more than 3,900 m², with its gate opening to the south and Dacheng Hall in the middle. Right before the Dacheng Hall are Wenming Gate, stone balustrade and Panchi Pool. Right behind the Dacheng Hall are Chongsheng Hall, Kingle (garret to keep scriptures), Minglun Hall and another two halls on the east and the west side. What is still kept today include Dacheng Hall, Xingtan Temple (a place to gather students of Confucianism for outdoor lectures), halls on the east and west, Minghuan Memorial Hall (for well-known officials), Xiangxian Memorial Hall (for local people of virtue) and Zunshengyi Memorial Hall built in 1903 in the Qing Dynasty. The renovation of Panchi Pool, Lingxing Gate and Dacheng Gate started in 2000.





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