Tourist Resort of Liuzu’s Hometown

Tourist Resort of Liuzu’s Hometown
Tourist Resort of Liuzu’s Hometown

Location: Liuzu Town, Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAAA

Sightseeing Theme: Religious Culture

Opening Hours: 8:00 - 17:30

Admission: RMB 10 per ticket

Key Words: Religion, Scenic Spot

About: Liuzu, or the Sixth and Last Patriarch of Chán (Zen) Buddhism in China, refers to a Chinese Chán (Zen) monastic called Huineng, in case you are wondering. What’s special here? The hometown of Liuzu will definitely surprise you with its profound Zen culture and abundant hot spring resources. Walk around the Guoen (State Grace) Temple (former residence of the first and the last Zen Patriarch), visit the practicing area of Longtan Temple and satisfy your curiosity about Chinese Buddhism. If the Zen found in the tranquil surroundings inspires you, more attractions are available close by, offering you a full experience of “the Land of Zen Buddhism in China”.

Services: Sightseeing, accommodation, restaurants, hot springs, conference




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Native Place of the Sixth Patriarch Tourist Resort, Sixth Patriarch Town, Xinxing County, Yunfu, Guangdong


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