Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain

Location: Shannan Road, Huanshan Avenue, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Rating: AAAAA

Sightseeing Theme: Seasons&Outdoor

Opening Hours: 7:30 – 18:00

Admission: RMB 70 per ticket

Key Words: Science and Education, Leisure, Religion, Outdoor

About: Situated in the southwest of Nanhai District in Foshan, Xiqiao Mountain, one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong province, is a 40-50 million year old dormant volcano. With picturesque scenery, rich culture and simple and honest folk custom, it is no doubt a nature and culture lover’s dream. Because of its great natural tourism resources, Xiqiao Mountain is evaluated by State Council and State Forestry Administration as National Key Scenic Area, National Forest Park, National Geological Park and National AAAAA-Level Tourism Area. Come and see the Baiyun Cave, Nanhai Guanyin, Baofeng Temple, Nine Dragons Cave, Stone Swallow Wall, Green Jade Cave, Tianhu Lake, Green Valley, Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy, New Peach Garden, and Tea Garden.

Services:Hotels, shopping

Transportation:Bus: Take one of the following Foshan buses to get there: Bus No. 212, Bus No. 219, Bus No. 225, Bus No. 226, Bus No. 227A, Bus No. 249, Bus No. 251 or Bus No. 256.



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