Chicken and pork with egg and bamboo shoot

Chicken and pork with egg and bamboo shoot

Categories: Cantonese Cuisine

City: Guangzhou

Introduction: This is a classic Cantonese dish with strong local characteristics. Its way of cooking is closely related to the geographical environment, economic condition and custom in Guangdong. Cantonese cuisine is all about the quality and taste. It is light in flavor, fresh and delicious. The main ingredients of this dish are drumsticks, pork, quail, and fresh sleeve-fish. Fresh shrimp meat is minced and added with plain boiled pork, water-chestnut, celery salt, aginomoto, and egg. The mixture is made birdie-shaped and decorated with dried meat slice, shrimp tails and black sesame, and then steamed for five minutes and placed in the plate with sauce. This dish is tasty and its cooking method is sophisticated and very typical in Cantonese cuisine.



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