Huilai Seashore Resort

Huilai Seashore Resort
Huilai Seashore Resort
Huilai Seashore Resort

Location: The seashore along Huajia Village and Xidong Village, Shenquan Town, Huilai County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAA

Sightseeing Theme: Islands&Beaches

Opening Hours: 06:30—23:00

Admission: RMB 20 per ticket

Key Words: Photography, Parent-Child Fun, Lovers

About: Want to spend a day out on the beach and get tanned? Or suddenly have a desire to go fishing or camp out? Or are you drooling just by thinking of the delicious seafood? Come to Huilai Seashore Resort and you’ll find them all! With a planning area of 1.3 square kilometers including 0.45 square kilometer land area, a 0.213 square kilometer beach and vast sea surface, the resort is divided into six functional areas: the Central Reception Area will contain hotels, restaurants and business clubs; The Sports Area will include bathing beach and cruising yacht; The Seashore Recreation Area will have a fishing center, a camp ground, and a landing stage; The Gourmet Ghetto will be built into a seafood paradise; And there will also be the Old Fort Sightseeing Area and the Administrative Area.

Services:Restaurants, hotels

Transportation:Bus: Take the Huilai-Puning Bus at Puning Bus Station to get directly to Huicheng District, and then transfer to Jinghai Bus.



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