Zhabo Fishing Port

Location: Zhabo Town, Yangjiang city, Guangdong


Sightseeing Theme: Seasons&Outdoor / Islands&Beaches / Outdoor Activities

Opening Hours: 24 hours


Key Words: Fishing, sea, port, ,Delicious Food

About: Zhabo Fishing Port is the national famous fishing port, port surrounded by mountains and faces the 1.4 square kilometers basin. The average depth of these area is 2.1 meters, and the deepest is 3.4 meters, and over 2000 ships can be berthed at the same time. On September 27, 2002,the national ministry of agriculture assessed Zhabo Fishing Port is a national center fishing port, and approved the first period engineering construction, which including the construction of wharf 6278 square meters, reinforce the breakwater of 450 meters, 390000 cubic meters of dredging port and waterway, 2500 meters port ring road, and the supporting facilities.






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