Tianma Mountain Ecotourism Resort

Tianma Mountain Ecotourism Resort

Location: Wangjiang Village, Beijie Town, Xinyi County-Level City, Maoming City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAA

Sightseeing Theme: Seasons&Outdoor / Outdoor Activities

Opening Hours: 7:00 – 18:00

Admission: RMB 60 per ticket (for adults)

Key Words: Idyllic, Leisure, Photography, Outdoor

About: The 1,080-meter-high Tianma Mountain boasts lush green forests, clear springs, deep gorges, waterfalls, bizarre stones and a great prairie on the high plateau that is enticing and rare in Southern China. It is also home to a lot of rare wild plants and animals. Tianma Mountain was once the place of residence of Hmong minority who has left stone terraces, remains of stones house and a wide expanse of tea trees and lemons. Tianma Mountain is far from the pollution of modern industry and close to the remote mountain areas in Guangxi Province. It is a natural oxygen bar with 100,000 negative oxygen ions per cm³. In a place like this, you can “return to the native and nature.”

Services:Sightseeing, entertainment




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