Maoming Seaside Park

Maoming Seaside Park
Maoming Seaside Park
Maoming Seaside Park
Maoming Seaside Park

Location: Haicheng Er Lu (Rd.), Maogang District, Maoming City

Rating: AAA

Sightseeing Theme: Islands&Beaches

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Admission: Free

Key Words: Leisure, Vacation, Lovers

About: Maoming Seaside Park is hailed as Hawaii in the East. It is an open public place for vacation tourism with free admission. Here, you can enjoy many scenic spots, for example, the No.1 beach in China, protection forest, seaside greenway, Hutou Mountain, Yanjing Hill and Tongzi Bay. There are also a host of choices for entertainment, such as seawater bath, sun bath, motorboat, beach volleyball, beach sports car, beach horse-riding and camel-riding, greenway cycling, barbecue, powered hang glider, hillside paraglider, hiking on Yanjing Hill and car camping.

Services:Entertainment, restaurants, hotels, parking lots




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