Chunwan Scenic Area

Chunwan Scenic Area

Location: Chunwan Town (Near Chunwan Local Taxation Bureau), Yangchun County-level City, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAA

Sightseeing Theme: Seasons&Outdoor / Outdoor Activities

Opening Hours:

Admission: RMB 48 per adult

Key Words: Scenic Spot, Leisure, Vacation, Photography

About: Along the middle-upper part of Moyangjiang River, there is a landform of karst peak forest within a length of 100 kilometers, forming a great variety of karst landscapes. Many attractions like the Dragon Palace Rock and the Exceeding lofty Candle are quite amazing. The Dragon Palace Rock has magnificent sceneries like the dragon palace at the bottom of the sea in the legend and the Exceeding Lofty Candle is a cylindrical exotic peak rising from the ground and stretching into the sky among rock of the bay. These fabulous landscapes are just like an art masterpiece as extraordinary as if done by the spirits and ghosts.

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