Amazing World under New South China Mall

Amazing World under New South China Mall
Amazing World under New South China Mall
Amazing World under New South China Mall
Amazing World under New South China Mall

Location: New South China Mall (Near Dongguan Bus Station), No. 10 South of Wanjiang Lu(Rd.), Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAAA

Sightseeing Theme: Theme Parks

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 19:00

Admission: RMB 120 per ticket

Key Words: Parent-Child Fun, Vacation, Leisure

About: Amazing World, which is the main part of the entertainment segment under South China Mall, combines advanced amusement equipments from home and abroad with theater lines of well-known international film companies and children’s park. It’s a place blending thrill, excitement and endless laugh. Located in the D district of South China Mall, Amazing World covers a business area of over 40 thousand square meters, gathering the most exciting and most thrilling large amusement games in the world, including the longest indoor roller coaster of Asia—“Chrono Cross”, the highest Turbo Drop with over 3.5G of acceleration—“Thrilling Free Fall”, the most special pyramid in the world—“Flume Ride”, as well as“Space Jumper”, “Flying Tiger and Excellent Soldier”, “Anti-Fight Knight”, “Swing Tour”, “Weird Bumper Cars”, “Flash Dance”, passionate samba dance, and “Spinning Around”. Besides, it also houses the first IMAX theater in South China, the children amusement park with the theme of the popular BBC Teletubbies. Whether you are seeking thrill, excitement, or happiness, Amazing World can offer you all!

Services:Restaurants, hotels, shopping, sports

Transportation:Bus: 1. Take one of the following buses and you can get directly to the attraction: Bus No. 3, Bus No. K3, Bus No. 28, Bus No. L2, Bus No. L3, Bus No. L4, Bus No. L5, Bus No. 59, Bus No. 60, Bus No. 89; Visitors from different towns in Dongguan just need to take a bus to Dongguan Bus Station; 2. Visitors from different cities can take a long-distance bus to Dongguan Bus Station. The attraction is 500 meters opposite the station. Driving Routes: 1. Depart from Foshan city, drive for about 1.5 hours to get to New South China Mall, walk for 20 minutes from New South China Mall to get to Dongguan Bus Station, and take Bus No. 14 and get off at the telecommunication office; 2. Drive toward Guancheng District in Dongguan and when you find Dongguan Bus Station, you are almost there.



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