Guangzhou becomes the transport hub of new Silk Road


[Photo by Monica/Newsgd]

Displaying print media reading on the aircraft, the live experience of the film& television entertainment system, creative aviation products and aviation media sales, China Southern Airlines for the first time unveiled its new services and high-tech products in public during the 2015 CITIE in Guangzhou(China International Tourism Industry Expo) from September 11-13. 

[Photo by Xiaowen/Newsgd]

As the biggest airline in Asia and also a VIP exhibitor of the expo, so far, the China Southern Airline has over 100 domestic and about 40 international airlines, covering the Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and other important areas along the silk road.

From the beginning of this year, the Southern Airline explored 96 airlines along the silk road, traveled around 34 counties and 52 areas. They increased 544 flights every week, and it was 12% more flights than last year. 


[Photo by Monica/Newsgd]

Moreover, the Southern Airline would expand the airline in New Zealand. In the near future, the Chinese tourists can reach the popular resort, Christchurch directly from Guangzhou, gradually making Guangzhou become the transport hub along the silk road. 

Earlier this August, it started Guangzhou--Nairobi route . It said that the line together with Guangzhou-Rome and Guangzhou Dubai are to meet the “one belt one road” heat stimulated by the national  “One belt one road” Initiative. 



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