Shangri-la hotel, SHENZHEN holds 2015 moon cake tasting event


Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen recently held its moon cake tasting event with the theme of “Go through it, moon cake”. Fantastic band show and dance performance were on the scene as well as lantern riddles guessing, fun games and interactive snowskin moon cake on-site production. The amusing sketch “The Legend of Wu Mei Niang” even pushed the atmosphere to a climax. 

Guests will be charmed with ten moon cake packages and two hampers this year. Unified outer box packaging designed by Shangri-La group, the bright-colored classy silk fabric with flowers and birds, koi and butterfly figure embroidery make an impression. A vivid picture of “Birds land on the branch, koi in the flowery stream.” is shown on the box with every stitch and thread encased in an exquisite and traditional box.    

A hit among those elegant moon cake packages belongs to Disney “Adorable moon cake package” which the unique lantern outer packaging makes it tantalized, pure fresh yet childish. It comprises of five exquisite and delicious mini moon cakes which meet the Disney fans all the fantasy of fairy tale.

Snowskin moon cake will not disappoint you with quality ingredients this year. Each bite will be an addictive blend of smooth sweet and salty with a generous filling of the ingredients. Traditional classic flavors like White lotus bean paste and egg yolk and Mixed nuts paste are still remain while hotel also features a selection of unique creative new products like Crispy milk with egg yolk paste moon cake, Bird’s nest 


paste moon cake, Abalone with fish maw paste moon cake, Coconut paste moon cake, Jasmine tea paste moon cake, Low sugar pumpkin paste moon cake and more which combines the classic and trades, delicacy and healthy into a perfection. 

Guests can enjoy early bird discount of 30% on moon cake packages before 1 September, 2015. Free delivery within Shenzhen city for a minimum order of RMB6,000. For reservations and inquire, please call (86 755) 8396 1366 or (86 755) 8396 1383.



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