princiPIO – graphic art from Poland now in Guangzhou


Carrying on in approaching modern Polish graphic art to Chinese audience, the Consulate General of Poland in Guangzhou in partnership with EMGdotART gallery present the exhibition princiPIO, review of selected work of Cracow born graphic artist PIOtr Kaliński.

PIOtr Kaliński – artist, illustrator, and book publisher. Graduate of Academy in fine Arts of Krakow, received master degree in studio of Roman Banaszewski (2001).

Through the years he had created many graphics and illustrations assembled in author albums, i.a.: PrinciPIO, Clouds and moods, Solitude, Flying objects, Paris. His works were especially acclaimed in France what was proven by the monography Travel to Auvergne, 2012.

His graphics are also on two covers of last albums of the independent music group Longital (SK).


Exhibition is open to public from Sept. 11th 2015 to Oct. 11th 2015 in EMGdotART, Redtory (Add.: No. 128 Yuancun Siheng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou). 



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