Have a taste of the humanities and culture in Luoding, Yunfu

Day 1


Sight: Nanjiang Scenic Area of Old Folk Houses

Culture: fully shows the ancient architecture art characteristics in Lingnan and the eastern Guangdong’s national style and artistic characteristics.

Food: all kinds of characteristics snacks such as Pozai cakes, Stewed bean and so on.

Fee: RMB 99


Introduction: Want to have a change from the modern concrete city and find some tranquility in what is left of the past? Pay a visit to the old folk houses here. There are 27 big old folk houses, 19 ancestral halls and one temple, all well-preserved, among which 14 are on the provincial protection list. Despite the long years, the ancient folk houses still stand in their unique design showcasing the distinctive features of Lingnan (South of Five Ridges) architectures. You may be interested in the stories they are going to tell.



Sight: The Former Residence of Cai Tingkai 

Culture: One of the Red Tour travel scenics

The resistance history of General Cai including the resistance Japan battle

History: 40 years

Food: special fruit juice

Fee: free


Introduction: Built in 1912 and covering more than 7,000 square meters, the Former Residence of General Cai Tingkai has been renovated and listed as a provincial protection unit to honor the legacy of the brave general who led the Chinese army to thwart the Japanese scheme of occupying Shanghai in 1932. With a loft and a cloister in front of the main building and blockhouses, a pool, a vegetable garden, an orchard, a pigpen, a cattle pen and water wells around, it is a house typical of the west of Guangdong Province. And the hexagonal pavilion shaped graveyard of Cai Tingkai’s parents is located halfway up the Dongshan Mountain. Have a walk around, and you will get acquainted with how the Chinese people remember their heroes.


Day 2

Sight: Luojing Dongshan Park

Culture: History & Heritage

Fee: RMB 50


Introduction: Have a walk in the beautiful hilltop park, go to the Dongshan Ancestral Temple which is said to be frequented by people and was able to grant wishes in ancient times, or go to the memorial hall of Ling Shiba, a famous general in the Taiping Rebellion (a famous peasant uprising between 1851 and 1864 A.D.) who led a fight nearby against the army of the Qing Government. Pick one of the many places of interest, or simply enjoy the scenery. Relaxation is the least this amazing park can offer.




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