Top Five Hong Kong-Style Tea Restaurants in Guangzhou

A "tea restaurant" refers to a unique type of local eatery in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and parts of Guangdong province. It’s better known as "Cha Chaan Teng", serving western cuisine and drinks at a more acceptable price for local people. 

Originating in Hong Kong, Cha Chaan Teng was sprung from the influence of British culture on China. British food flooded into Hong Kong during the 1980s, which spurred local people to start enjoying drinking tea and eating cakes. Only high-class restaurants served western food, however, making this style of eating and drinking unaffordable for local people. Thus Cha Chaan Teng began appearing, minus the exquisite decoration and first-rate service, but providing different kinds of western food at a very low price. 

Tea restaurants are very efficient, making them popular among white collar workers. Normally a meal taks only10-20 minutes to finish in tea restaurants, enabling office workers to return to work after a quick lunch. Young people also enjoy eating in tea restaurants because of the cheap price. The casual environment is also perfect for friends and colleagues to chat together. 

Guangzhou has an abundance of Cha Chaan Tengs for you to sample and savor Canto-Western cuisines. Here are some recommended tea restaurants from Lifeofguangzhou. 


WOO’s Hong Kong Cuisine (吴系茶餐厅) 

Address: 103-107, B1, No. 75, Tianhe East Road, Tianhe District (天河东路75号B1楼103-107号) 

Metro: Shipaiqiao Station

"This is not a Cha Chaan Teng" is the literal meaning of the Chinese name of WOO’s Hong Kong Cuisine.


Recommended dish: Pineapple bun with butter 


Cousin Café (表哥香港茶餐厅) 

Address: No. 19, Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District (体育东路19号) 

Metro: Tianhe Sports Center Station


Recommended dish: Thick toast (hau dor si)


Uncle Restaurant (表叔茶餐厅) 

Address: Ground Floor, China Plaza, Yuexiu District(中华广场1楼) 

Metro: Martyrs' Park Station


Recommended dish: Stir-fried rice noodles with beef 


Old HK Cuisine (Old记茶餐厅) 

Address: 2-3, No. 181 Tianhe North Road (天河北路181号祥龙花园2楼3铺) 

Metro: Linhexi Station


Recommended dish: Piggy bread


Brother HK Cuisine (巴打时尚茶餐厅) 

Address: No. 49, Wenming Road, Yuexiu District (文明路49号) 

Metro: Beijing Road Station


Recommended dish: Tuna sandwich 




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