Most Beautiful Bus Lines in GZ (2)


Like in the films, the hero and heroine jump on a bus driving to somewhere, without a certain destination, getting down whenever feeling right and enjoying the moment of freedom.  

For this romantic trip in Guangzhou, you don’t need to pay 2.6 pounds, or 3 dollars. has found 10 most beautiful bus lines in Guangzhou. Just take your love’s hand and 4 RMB (yep, only 4 RMB for 2 persons), and travel around the town. 

[No. 131 ] Zhujiang Swimming Pool — Huangpu Ancient Village


△ 131A / 131B


Actually No.131 is comprised by two bus lines, 131 A and 131 B. If say the Tour Line 1 is the most beautiful bus line, the 131 might find it unfair because it drives a longer route along the Pearl River. Compared with the younger Tour Line 1, 131 was the first sightseeing route for the Pearl River. For this purpose, 131 A and 131 B go around the river in a circle. 

Differ from those modern views along Tour Line 1, passengers can enjoy more time-honored landscapes locating in old districts where 131 drives past. As 131 A and 131 B tours around the river banks, they will pass tourist sites: Ersha Island, Haizhu Mall, Changdi Financial Street, Xidi, Cultural Park, Marshal House, Zhujiang Swimming Pool, Sun Yet-sen University. For those who have interest in the modern history of Guangzhou, this line is a good choice. 


A 131 B in operation. 


Ersha Island

Ersha Island is an island in the middle of the Pearl River. Encircled by the Pearl River, the island enjoys picturesque landscape different from the downtown. After the establishment of China, it has been the training base for provincial athletes and an ideal place for exquisite resident houses 80% of which are said to be owned by foreigners. 

Covered by modern apartments, and art places like Xinghai Concert Hall and Guangdong Museum of Art, the island is given a sense of art.  



Cultural Park

At the bank of the Pearl River, Guangzhou Cultural Park covers a land of 83,000 square meters. Inside the park, trees make a pleasant shade, and various flowers and grass make beautiful views. The park accommodates 8 exhibition halls, including two fixed exhibition halls, the Aquatic Product Hall and the Flower Hall.



The Memorial Museum Of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion

Locating at No.18 Fagnzhi Road, Haizhu District, the Memorial Museum Of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion is a national cultural relic protection site based on the original residence of Sun Yet-sen built in 1917. 

The museum covers an area of 8020 square meters and is comprised by the south and north main buildings. These two main built with granite has gone past over 90 years and witnessed many crucial decisions made by Sun Yet-sen. 




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