Gong Xuyao’s works on display at Kui Yuan Gallery

|Exhibition Info|

Artist: Gong Xuyao

Curator: Yan Chao

Exhibition Duration: 2020. 12. 05 — 2020. 12. 13   

Open Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号 逵园艺术馆)

《钢筋焊接 Steel Welding》钢筋 Steel 尺寸可变  Dimension Variable 2019.jpg

Steel Welding / Steel 尺/  Dimension Variable 2019


In Gong Xuyao’s this first solo exhibition, ī í ǐ ì, he hopes to explore the act of ‘seeing’ itself, as well as how it defines behavior and habits. 

Since 2018, Gong’s works have questioned the ‘seeing’ behavior. People nowadays tend to look further and broader, but meanwhile they more likely to ignore things that are close to them. Even for a text that we see every day, and even if read it fast, our eyes still follow the text, along with its strokes, and then we recognize it and unpack the story it tells. However, it is a quick process that people are used to, so it can be ignored. To Gong, he hopes people can start paying attention to the process again. Each small square on the paper is precisely painted, without any omitting. The blending of various colors is also completely presented on every inch of canvas purely. He hopes that people can resonate with the simple relation between painting and how it is appreciated. In the latest 2019 series, Gong said “the 2019 series combines the time-space view with the single-point perspective and cubism from the 2018 series, in order to emphasize the modern image and the training of eyes. Therefore, the re-expression of vision will be presented through the habitual act of ‘seeing a painting.’”

Professor Liu Ke, the chair of the Department of Painting and the Vice President of the School of Painting at GAFA commented Gong Xuyao’s painting in following way: Although Gong transformed the seeing behavior through observation and practice, I believe that he in fact redefined the dimension of context. An image is an embodiment of a transformation, and it does not relate to its purpose, nor with how it appears, but more like how it fights against. Gong continues in this transformation with great enjoyment. Whether starting with a landscape or mathematical calculation, his continues the movement that ‘twists’ the existing form. Gong is not satisfied with the state of original form, not it has been twisted. Indeed, this becomes another ‘form.’ Just like how Nicholas Bourriaud stated in his Relational Esthetics, “this is how forms come into being, from the ‘deviation’ and random encounter between two hitherto parallel elements forming it must be joined together in a form, in other words, there must have been ‘a setting of elements on one another (the way ice ‘sets’). Form can be defined as a lasting encounter.”

The title of the exhibition is ī í ǐ ì. These four characters share the same pronunciation. Although they contain the simplest stroke, they mean completely differently as they outline. These four characters have no connections in between either. However, combining them together can form a variety of Chinese characters. This kind of minimalist transformation is what the artist Gong Xuyao wants to raise to the audience.

《粉绿118 Pink-Green 118》布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas 100x120cm 2020.jpg

Pink-Green 118 / Acrylic on canvas 100x120cm 2020

|Artist’s Profile|

Gong Xuyao

1996 born in Changsha, Hunan. 2018 graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and got the BFA. 2022 (expect) MFA, Painting, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Now live in Guangzhou.

|Curator’s Profile|

Yan Chao 

She is a dual MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History and Arts Administration and Policy program the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Yan brings an interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary art and Chinese pop culture. Her goal is to build a platform that can offer a transitional perspective for observing the progression of contemporary China in this digital era.



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