New chef to bring in more local-meets-global flavors in an natural way

ANDAZ Shenzhen Bay, a luxurious boutique hotel run by the Hyatt Group, announced that Mr. Federico Heinzmann has been appointed as Executive Chef of the hotel. With over 20 years of culinary experience, Mr. Federico Heinzmann is eager to bring in more creativity and local-meets-global flavors in an authentic, natural and connected way.

Chef Federico is a new comer to Shenzhen. “I have only been here for several months; however, I have already fallen in love with the city. I can feel its energy, passion, open-mindedness and the ambition from the young citizens.” 


Born in Argentina and originally majored in Art, Federico  stood at a fateful crossroads at the age of 24: to be an artist or a chef? The decision was finally made in the kitchen, where in a small Italian restaurant he started cooking. “In the end, not chef but food, I have chosen,” Chef Federico said, “Also, it comes from the depth of my character: caring for people, bringing joy to others, sharing love of food.” Once the decision was made, he wasted no time bursting onto the culinary scene with a foundation-building period at renowned restaurants in different regions, including a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Spain. 

Chef Federico began his Hyatt journey at Park Hyatt Buenos Aires in 2006, where he successfully opened various style restaurants and developed new menu concepts. In 2012, he started his Asian tour from Park Hyatt Seoul, followed by Park Hyatt Tokyo. In 2017, he returned to Park Hyatt Seoul as Executive Chef, where, in collaboration with a respected local Buddhist monk, he made a big hit of traditional Korean food (Hansik) inspired by temple cuisine. As the pioneer of the successful Hansik movement, Chef Federico was recognized as “Honorary Hansik Ambassador” by the Korean Food Promotion Institute for his contribution to the local agriculture and food industries.

“Standing in the middle of nature and thinking of my guests, I try to make a connection between the two by creating a perfect moment,” Chef Federico continued, “firstly, you have to understand and learn from nature: how to raise a cow, how to make real-life sauces. You don’t see the ‘container’ but the ingredients inside.” He focuses on local, seasonal ingredients, but never ignores cooking techniques, service, dining environment, atmosphere as well as the guest’s feelings, “combining all factors at the right time with nice presentation. That’s what I call the perfect moment.”

Extending his cooking philosophy and reflecting upon the Andaz Shenzhen Bay dining atmosphere, Chef Federico aims to deliver a privileged culinary experience full of respect, to both the food and the people. “I don’t use the term ‘signature dish’ but ’signature cooking’, which is a way to adapt seasonality and to fit the guest’s needs. While creating a new menu, intuition sometimes plays an important role as I try to twist Western cuisine with a local touch.” 

Stepping out the culinary world, Chef Federico loves fly-fishing, a complicated activity that requires precise skills. “It is also a way to get close to and know more about nature. From a chef’s perspective, it shares very similar logic as cooking, which is all about creating the perfect moment.” 

With his various culinary insights and creations, Chef Federico and his team are ready to share an imaginative dining experience also the Latin flavors from his hometown to the local Shenzhen elites.



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