Exhibition “Illuminating Tranquility: Serip & Artists” to be held in Guangzhou

|Exhibition Info|

Artists: Huang Yu, Nuria Rossell, Wang Yi, Yang Shun

Lighting Brand: Serip

Curator: Patricia Tingchen Li

Exhibition Duration:2020.09. 05 — 11. 13

Opening Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9:00-18:00, CLOSED on Sun.

Venue: Fan House (Southeast Hall, Westin Hotel Pazhou, 681 Fengpu Zhong Road, Guangzhou)

Nearest metro station: Pazhou, Line 8 (use Exit C)

静源展览海报 poster.jpg

1.4 灯饰 Niagara-不断流动的尼亚加拉大瀑布.jpg

(Photo: Fan House)

A collaborative exhibition featuring Serip, Portugal’s luxurious lighting brand, and artworks of four local and international artists will be held at the Fan House in Guangzhou between September 5th and November 13th, 2020. 

2.3黄昱 Huang Yu,《自在・谷雨》Free · Grain Rain, 纸本岩彩 mineral colors on paper, 50x50cm, 2018.jpg

Huang Yu, Free · Grain Rain, mineral colors on paper, 50x50cm, 2018 (Photo: Fan House)

For the very first time, ten nature-inspired Serip pieces of remarkable design and craftsmanship are lit up as art installations, showing side by side with creative works by aforementioned artists. Established in 1961, Serip’s brand identity matures in concept and style through an evolving and progressive creative effort. “Just as the artistic career of many artists, such development requires constantly reflection upon the delicate association of one’s artistic ideas to the source of inspiration,” Patricia Tingchen Li, curator of the exhibition said in the preface. 

3.3 Nuria Rossell《鹅卵石 Pebbles》装置 Installation 尺寸可变 dimension varies, 2017.jpg

Nuria Rossell "Pebbles" Installation dimension varies, 2017 (Photo: Fan House)

According to Li, the curatorial selection of this show focuses on the exhibited individual’s common source of inspiration, nature. It is both the origin of ideas and elements, and the primary place of gathering raw materials, tools, and skills. This exhibition thus attempts to highlight the common aesthetic qualities of Serip’s lighting design and the works of exhibited artists, namely , Huang Yu, Nuria Rossell, Wang Yi, and Yang Shun, and to assess the dynamic relationship of ourselves and nature in artistic and creative context.

4.3王嶷 Wang Yi,《鱼儿潺潺》Fish in the Ripples, 油印木刻 签版印数20 woodcut edition of 20, 45×60cm, 2019.jpg

Wang Yi, Fish in the Ripples,  20 woodcut edition of 20, 45×60cm, 2019 (Photo: Fan House)

Behind the extraordinary refinements of art and designs is the humble and genuine aspiration of creative minds. Come to immerse in this one of a kind organic illuminating experience, and challenge yourself to a very personal journey of reflection and recollection. Glowing and glistening, may this illuminating experience lights up a natural and tranquil state of mind for all of us. 

5.3 杨舜 Yang Shun《蓝色回音之二》The Blue Echo No.2, 布面油画 oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2017.jpg

Yang Shun "The Blue Echo No.2",  oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2017 (Photo: Fan House)



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