Guangzhou artist Xubin Jueyi launched new art project for the society

Recently, Xubin Jueyi, a famous sculpture artist from Guangzhou, has finished his large scale art project “The Beauty of Mercy: Thousand-Buddha Plan”. In the meantime, he announced the launching of another large scale art project which will also be participated by the society. 


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A lot of participants of “The Beauty of Mercy: Thousand-Buddha Plan” art project attended the ceremony to share their thoughts. 


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“The Beauty of Mercy: Thousand-Buddha Plan” art project was launched in 2014 and was completed on July 7th, 2020. A total of 1,000 individuals have taken part in the art project over the past six years. The artist believes that when people see their own natures, they have the Buddha in their hearts and the Buddhist nature is our natures. The series is a good combination of modern concepts with traditional cultures.


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Many celebrities have spoken highly of the art project. Culture writer Yu Qiuyu said the artist was having a dialogue with the souls via sculptures. Art critic Gao Ling pointed out that Xubin Jueyi’s sculptures delivered the infinite and free spiritual enlightenment. Art critic Yang Xiaoyan thinks the sculptures were Xubin Jueyi’s feelings for life. Art critic Edward Lucie-Smith said Xubin Jueyi’s art project enable more people to find out more about their spiritual source. Culture scholar Wang Luxiang commented Xubin Jueyi’s artworks that art and life, belief and commonness, eat and west can be integrated into one.



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