Engjoy Marco Polo Night at Tian Bar in Guangzhou

Looking to enjoy a Friday evening out? Come visit the renowned Tian Bar at Four Seasons Guangzhou where you will be amazed by a special themed Marco Polo Night presented by the bar’s Head Bartender Antonio De Luca. 

Head Bartender of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou_Antonio DeLuca.jpg

Antonio De Luca, Head Bartender of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

Born in Amantea, a small town in southern Italy, Antonio studied mixology in Milano at Campari Academy and honed his studies in the United Kingdom. He launched his career in Italy at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel and later worked in Asia and the Middle East before returning to China in 2019.

Inspired by The Travels of Marco Polo, Antonio created three special cocktails from the stories of the young Marco Polo, who traveled Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295. The cocktails that are presented are Maffeo, an ancient Roman recipe called ""dulcia" that was given by Maffeo to some Roman Crusaders during the invasion of Constantinople: essentially a Blend of Whisky, Vermouth and Campari prepared with spices and citric fruits. The drink Niccolo, a mix of ingredients from the Middle East, with Arrack, a hazelnut liqueur, coconut and pineapple, and finally a recipe by Marco Polo who loved to mix Italian flavors with a touch of Asian ingredients.

小夜曲La Serenissima.jpg

La Serenissima

During his free time, Antonio likes to stay active by playing sports such as football and watching Formula One. He also enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures and customs around the world. He particularly appreciates Chinese culture and feels honored to live in this country. 

Come to Tian Bar every Friday evening to learn more about the adventures of Marco Polo!



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