Hane’s, an unmissable Japanese restaurant in Foshan

Hane’s is a unique, high-end restaurant dedicated to providing the best Japanese cuisine for its guests. Located right beside the Qiandeng Lake, a landmark in Foshan, Hane’s has eight VIP private rooms all equipped with French windows, from which you can have a panorama view of the magnificent Qiandeng Lake and the Guangfo Financial High-Tech Zone. The night view is beyond compare that you don’t want to leave once you are there. 


[Photo provided by Hane’s]

To better understand Hane’s, the first thing is to understand the meaning of its Chinese name “羽邸” (in pinyin “yu di”, literal meaning “feather mansion”). Feather is light and soft, but it is because of feather that birds have the power to fly high in the sky. The owners of Hane’s believe that everyone who works in or visits Hane’s creates the value of Hane’s.


[Photo provided by Hane’s]

The interior of Hane’s is designed by famous designers Zhou Ping and Wang Yang who designed the renowned Liangshe Restaurant in Shanghai. To create a brand-new visual effect that is different from traditional Japanese restaurants, the designers use bright red dynamic screens, feathers and mirror surface as the main decoration materials. Embellished with Japanese style patterns and elements, the whole restaurant looks high-class and mysterious, showcasing a new type of Japanese aesthetics.

King Chow, the head chef of Hane’s, is experienced in cooking Japanese cuisine. He has cooked for many high-end Japanese restaurants in both Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. 


[Photo provided by Hane’s]

The dining form in Hane’s is Omakase. In Japanese, omakase means “it’s up to you.” The chef selects a type of meal consisting of several dishes according to the high-quality ingredients in season. As the owners said, let the professional people to do the professional things. Just enjoy the delicacies freshly made by the skilled and talented chefs. 

Hane’s mainly provides Itamae Sushi and kaiseki, a style of traditional Japanese cuisine in which a series of very small intricate dishes are prepared. What you are going to enjoy at Hane’s are prepared and made right in front of you. You can observe how the chefs make it and taste it right away when it is served. 


[Photo provided by Hane’s]

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, sake, a Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice, is also a must-try in Hane’s. To taste sake in a better way, Hane’s provided three kinds of cup/glass, including small ceramic cup ochoko, goblet and traditional sake cup. If you don’t have to drive, a few glasses of sake will definitely be the best way to relax after a long work day. 

Add.: 10/F, A Block, U City, Qiandeng Lake, Nanhai District, Foshan (佛山市南海区千灯湖致越优城A栋10层)

Reservation: 180 2924 2949


[Photo provided by Hane’s]



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