Tian Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launches flower-inspired cocktail menu

Now Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou is elevating the art of cocktail in collaboration with Hope & Sesame, the 35th bar of Best 50 Asian Bars 2019. Guests who want something other than a traditional cocktail in Tian Bar can have a special drinking experience brought to them on a flower-inspired menu, and made by the bartender specially trained by Hope & Sesame. 

Flower-inspired Cocktail Menu.jpg

Inspired by the concept of “The City of Flowers”, Guangzhou, where enjoys blooming throughout the year and is given rise to its nickname “Huacheng” in Chinese, Tian Bar presents a modern flower-centric cocktail menu that intertwines with art and creative cocktails, taking guest on a journey of visual and flavor indulgence. 


Golden Chrysanthemum, one of the signature cocktails to be highlighted on this flowery menu, is infused with luscious Chrysanthemum syrup and bitter Fernet Hunter, and it emphasizes its depth of flavor with aromatic champagne vinegar. By using two kinds of classic rums, Flor de Cana 7 Years Reserva and Lemon Yaguara Branca Cachaca as base wine, Osmanthus elevates its subtle flavors of osmanthus, caramel and smoke as well as makes it a artfully balanced and refreshing cocktail for a perfect summer night.


“Our guests are tastemakers with distinct personality and style. They love our bar in the clouds but wanted other styles too.” says Giuseppe Magno, Director of Food and Beverage of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou. “Guests can enjoy the craftsmanship that bartenders embody and see just how seriously Tian Bar takes the art of providing them with the best cocktail possible.”


Apart from six signature cocktails and two mocktails on this new menu, Tian Bar also presents eight classics from the regular menu, savory tapas, selection of cheese, sweets and more indulgence. 

Located on the 99th floor of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou, Tian Bar offers a spectacular view of city skyline. Cut from a single piece of rare multicoloured agate, the bar serves as an excellent conversation-starter at the cocktail lounge. Tian Bar offers up to 100 beverage choices including selected wine, premium champagne and special crafted cocktails. Settle in for an evening of drinks, music with city night views. 

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