Grand Carnival of Big Eye Tuna At Kumoi, Guangzhou

From July 20 to July 27, Kumoi at the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou will launch a grand gourmet carnival of Big Eye Tuna. On the debut night, an authentic Japanese style feast will be presented from vision to taste with a wonderful Fish Carving Show by Chef Masanobu Hoshina and a series of premium tuna cuisines.


Imported from Japan to Guangzhou, this Big Eye Tuna was farm-raised by professional specialists to ensure the best quality. A couple of mouthwatering tuna cuisines will be elaborately designed by Chef Masa according to different parts of the fish. For the sashimi platter, he will pick the belly part, which is fat but not greasy and tastes lovely. On the other side, the red meat part, also called Aka-mi in Japanese, is extremely perfect for teppanyaki. Grilling both sides to little burnt outside but fresh inside can lock the freshness of the tuna.

“Fish Carving Show” is one of the top hit performances in Japan. More than just a show, it is an auspicious culinary custom and requires not only the profound knowledge of fish, but also getting the hang of the excellent skill of cutting fish in a proper way. Having worked around Europe and Asia for over two decades, Chef Masa dedicates to delight the gourmands with a marvellous fish carving show up in the clouds.

云居 Kumoi.jpg

During the Big Eye Tuna Grand Carnival, a Japanese traditional Kimono fitting area will be set up at the entrance of Kumoi to immerse guests into the pleasant atmosphere. The best seats for watching fish carving show will be reserved only on WeChat Shop only for the first time. The 6 courses set is at CNY 888* per person. And a la carte tuna menu is also available. (*Subject to 15% service charge inclusive of government taxes) For reservations, please call 86 (20) 8883-3372.


Steamed egg custard, crab, mastutake mushroom

Sashimi tuna, salmon, yellow tail, sweet shrimp, foie gras, chi-yu toro, spicy tuna roll

Tuna flake, clam shell miso soup, maitake mushroom, quail egg, radish

Australian Wagyu beef sirloin (M-4) skewer, leek, garlic chip

Teppan-yaki tuna, king tiger prawn, asparagus, shiitake mushroom

Banana tempura with coconut pudding




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