Grand Hyatt Guangzhou unveils red bean mascot to celebrate its 11th anniversary

Followed by our iconic chopstick gift box launched in April, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou work together again with Mr. Hu Qinglin, a famous local artist, to create another exclusive anniversary giveaway which also is our hotel ambassador – red bean mascot named ‘Chi Xiao Bao’, highlighting local culture and brand story.

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As well known, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou is the first Grand Hyatt brand hotel opened 11 years ago in Southern China, where is red bean originally from, thus ‘Chi Xiao Bao’ represents the strategic location of Grand Hyatt Guangzhou.  In the past 10 years with the rapid development of the city, Grand Hyatt brand has rooted in local culture deeply but with a global vision and perspective.

From a colour perspective, the vibrant red from red bean perfectly matches with Grand Hyatt’s brand colour. Red reflects the excitement and dynamism of the brand; it is also associated with good fortune and happiness in Chinese culture. Like a happy symbol, red reminds us of red sun, warmth, happiness, auspiciousness, life and so many other positive aspects. Most often than not, red is connected with respect, celebrations and praises in our Chinese culture.

As a seed, red bean has exuberant vitality. Same as Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, it took root in Zhujiang New Town and witnessed its development from a barren suburb to a business center with high-rise buildings. With 11 years rooted in our origins, we settled well in the most prosperous location in Guangzhou. 

As one of the most common ingredients in China, red bean is popular due to its nutrition and sweet taste. This May, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou brings you a red bean journey featuring Red Bean Honey Cake from the Market Café, Red Bean Brownie from afternoon tea set of Guanxi Lounge, Red Bean Ice Cream with Shunde double – layer milk custard, as well as the festival dumpling with Red Bean Paste…It’s all about the sweet and creamy sensation.

Not only a one-time mascot, ‘Chi Xiao Bao’ is appointed as hotel ambassador of Grand Hyatt Guangzhou and he is living in the hotel with all of our guests. You may occasionally see him in the restaurant, lobby or even swimming pool. He may probably share with you his stay tips and don’t miss the chance to take a photo with this cutie super star. He will dress up in different looks according to different festival season, please stay tuned. 

Hotel Information

Hotel name: Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

Address: 12 Zhujiang W. Rd., Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R.C., 510623

Phone: +86 20 8396 1234





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