You can't imagine the power of women

Which is the most fascinating female image in your mind?


The independent female image appears more and more widely on the big screen, which is not only the idea of breaking female prejudice, but also the awakening of female power. In this era, the princess no longer needs to wait for the prince to save.

Social agenda, business change, fashion trends, entrepreneurship. Women can independently plan the excitement of life. Elegance and power are not contradictory. This is the awakening of "HER power".


· Reasons for winning ·

She uses a forward-looking perspective to grasp the pulse of business at every moment of change in the times, embrace innovation with an open mind, and open a new business model that is unique with humanistic care.

Carrying out the elegance of the eastern beauty

Ms. Wang Beilin is well-known as the founder & artistic director of the Oriental aesthetic footwear brand VMe and a spokesperson for elegant women. Since 2007, the VMe has always adhered to the original intention, insisting on the original and individual walking art, and highly integrating the aesthetics of both the east and the west and presenting it on the footwear craftsmanship.

The style of VMe shoes is elegant and exquisite, and it is a charming blend of oriental aesthetics and Western trend culture. Ms. Wang Beilin transforms and balances her identity with artists and entrepreneurs, and uses her creativity and ingenuity to inject unique brand DNA into her shoes.


Nothing is unchanging

When talking about the entrepreneurial process for more than ten years, Ms. Wang chose the word "change".

In addition to the changes in the trend, the changes in the business environment, consumer perceptions, and consumption patterns are the things that she most needs to face as entrepreneurs and brands at the helm. The brand cannot be independent of the times, she knows this.

Aside from the artist's unsuccessful pursuit of creating this thing, the driving force for her firmness to come down is the initial heart of the creation of VMe - empowering women, using shoes to convey the beauty of the East, creating the beauty of the classic.


Goodwill is mutual shaping

"In a company event, I suddenly understood what the core of the brand is." Ms. Wang said emotionally, "In fact, the brand should be a beautiful community with temperature."

In this company's activities, she saw that many of the old employees who have been with them for several years have their own families and children, and their lives are constantly moving forward. At the same time, the pressure is also growing. It was also at this moment that the reason why the consulting company customized the various solutions for the company was not recognized by her. People live in society, work is the way, and ultimately the guide is to get the ideal life state and quality of life through their hard work, this is the most concerned thing in her heart.

I hope to bring a good life to all those who work in this industry, because the goodwill should be common and mutual. I do have a responsibility to lead them, or to work with them to find a way to maximize the value of a beautiful community. This is what I want to do in the next 20 years. ”

Therefore, the definition of the brand has been reorganized by her – the brand is just a bond and a tool for all. The real core is that many like-minded people go to the distance through good connections, which is the quality of the brand.


Innovation must get rid of inertia

"Innovation is to get rid of inertia." She firmly said, "Inertia may make you very comfortable, but sometimes entrepreneurs don't have to covet this ease."

Where does the inspiration for innovation come from? Her answer is "Look back." From the development of the times to today, there must be a source of innovation. This root is partly derived from the excellent ideas and qualities of oriental aesthetics; the other part comes from the knowledge we have learned in this era. When the two produce information links, it is truly fascinating to appreciate the charm of traditional culture. Today's world is made up of different races and cultures. We have to explore the similarities and differences between Chinese culture and Western culture.

Does Western philosophy have something in common with the ideas put forward by our Laozi and Zhuangzi? Why do we have Chinese red, not Western red, which all contain our cultural origins, and the origins will affect our values, our way of life, and how we will move toward the future.


Embroidered cross-section fashion Muller shoes

Female entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurs are another identity of Ms. Wang. She has also been committed to helping women discover their strengths and provide entrepreneurial guidance for many women. How to share the entrepreneurial experience accumulated over the past ten years into the public, so that more people can get their own good life through entrepreneurship, is what she has been thinking about. Recently, the VVSTAR startup platform developed by her team is about to go online, which may provide us with a direction.

VVSTAR's "V" stands for VMe (brand), VIP (member service), Victory (victory); Star means that everyone is a unique star, the power of the individual can be condensed into a hot light.

Every woman can become an entrepreneur through VVSTAR and demonstrate self-worth. If you already have a full-time job, you may wish to make a VVSTAR studio online as a hobby. The strong industrial brand background is for you to ship and sell after-sales, and the transparent and clear settlement method.

Through high-end technology, goods, and service support, VVSTAR is destined to attract attention. This is also the work of Ms. Wang, the new model of business and the transformation of physical innovation, and conveys her concern for the realization of women's self-worth.


Human service is the future business model

VVSTAR's mode of operation is commercial and modern. How to combine it with the personal care of the individual is another amazing design that Ms. Wang Bulin brings to us.

The rapid development of the Internet is that life becomes convenient and effective, but it also makes people's interactions increasingly fragmented. Ms. Wang believes that under the efficient rhythm of the Internet, there is still a need for service and communication between people. With technology as the medium, supplementing the in-depth humanities service, this is what she believes is the future development of the business.

VVSTAR's offline studios fully explain this trend. Through the selection and combination of each individual, a warm communication space is presented instead of a simple vending shop. Realize mutual entrepreneurship by leveraging individual abilities.

"Respect the entrepreneurial personality and let them have the space to choose to generate the magnetic field of communication." She said that through the matching of flexible personality selection, each entrepreneur can play its own characteristics. ”



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