City Fashion Boom Awards lead the fashion trend

On the evening of March 23, “2019 Cityzine·City Fashion Boom Award and 2019 Guangdong Fashion Week-Spring Closing Ceremony Gala” was held in Guangzhou Liuhua Exhibition and Trade Center. Hundreds of media from home and abroad, fashion industry representatives, industry opinion leaders and other guests and Guangdong Fashion Week image ambassador come to the ceremony to share the new look of the global fashion and promote the fashion culture exchange between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area.

Converging the trend at home and abroad, the 7 big show sets the trend vane


Picture 1: The Intangible Culture theme opening show

On the stage of the 2019 Guangdong Fashion Week-Spring Closing Ceremony, Gambiered Gauze, Chaozhou Embroidery... exquisite craftsmanship made the beautiful costumes in front of you amazing, and also displayed the intangible cultural fashion style.


Picture 2: Weiai Workshop "Wake Up"

Vipshop will only work with 20 fashion brands and collect 8 kinds of intangible skills. More than 50 models of non-legacy fashions that have been created in 5 months have been unveiled in this show. Brands and designers use fashion. Intertwined with classics, inspired by innovation.


Picture 3: The VMe brand show that presents the elegance of oriental aesthetics

The VMe, which shows the oriental aesthetics, also brings you a high-end footwear collection with gorgeous personality and international style. It is also soft and flexible, with irresistible charm.


Picture 4: Kapok Road Crossover Aesthetics Show

Kapok Road connects traditional life with traditional aesthetics, upgrades the traditional classic Chinese clothing, and combines with the trend of youth culture to create a unique cross-border aesthetic SHOW.


Picture 5: 蹀愫tigrisso brings a romantic color series

As a pioneer of fashion color, 蹀愫tigrisso brings you a romantic color shoes series, the series of colors are from the popular colors of 2019 spring and summer fashion women's shoes released by 蹀愫tigrisso and China Fashion Color Association. This is an art about mind and color that lights up every girl's fashion dream.



The Chinese designer brand TONGLISIGNATURE incorporates the menswear style into the women's style, and the sophisticated details of high fashion blend with the young culture of the social street. Light and shadow, hard and soft, nature and synthesis.


Picture 7: ALEXSTORM

ALEXSTORM, who was invited by Paris MODEMONLINE to participate in the Paris Fashion Week and was invited to participate in the official calendar of Milan Fashion Week, featuring a distinctive experimental style, integrating Western minimalism with Eastern deconstruction techniques, exploring design, tailoring , beauty, technology, art, function, comfort, and emotional relationships.

Under the leadership of the Oriental Bentley supermodels, many rounds of big shows have repeatedly created the trend, sharing the classic and trendy visual feast, showing a unique design power, leading the annual fashion trend.

Diversified award-winning brand matrix to lead the international trend

Since 2015, Cityzine has jointly launched the “Cityzine·City Fashion Boom Award” in conjunction with the Guangdong Garment and Apparel Industry Association and the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association. Each year, a dozens of professional media and institutions selected the most outstanding representatives of the original powers in the year and commended them to promote the benign interaction of the fashion industry and promote the transformation and transformation of fashion and cultural industries.


Picture 8: Wei Ai Workshop "Wake Up" Static Exhibition

This year, there are many highlights of the award-winning brand matrix consisting of 26 annual industry outstanding representative brands and platforms. Diversified brands represent the strength of Chinese brands in the new era. Among them, there are not only new and original power representatives such as TONGLISIGNATURE, ALEXSTORM, AlphaStyle to explore the trend with a playful attitude. More cross-category innovative brands, such as the VVSTAR, a VWSTAR branded by the VMe brand, the Kapok Road, which is a Chinese-style fashion aesthetic, the tigrisso, which incorporates color into the trend of footwear design, and the paranoid nature that leads the new trend of pure natural skin care. The artist AgeFour is four years old.


VVSTAR presents the cross-border form of footwear accessories resources in the art of the studio


The Dutch Van Gogh Museum's genuine licensing series "MGS X Van Gogh" theme exhibition was staged in the new forces fashion week

On the evening of the awards evening, all fashion trendsetters attended the event and participated in the “2019 City Fashion Boom Award”. In the end, the five guests won the championship and won the exclusive high-end customized service prizes provided by the VVSTAR platform.

Helping the new chapter of fashion construction in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area

Guangdong has a profound apparel industry chain foundation and a dynamic fashion industry cluster. The fashion industry is an important driving industry in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Beginning in 2002, Guangdong Fashion Week, sponsored by Guangdong Garment and Apparel Industry Association and Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, is not only a stage for the exhibition of fashion trends and original design, but also a combination of industrial chain docking, cultural exchange and integration of advantageous resources. In the past six days, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Greater Bay Area, digital, IP, Intangible culture, uniforms, children's wear and dimension fashion as highlights, a total of more than 300 institutions, platforms, brands, designers involved in the releasing conference.

2019 5th Cityzine· City Fashion Boom Awards Winners

—The new power art brand of the year —

Kapok Road

—The new trend of the year fashion color pioneer —


—The new power business innovation leader of the year —

Wang Beilin

—The new year trend brand —




- Annual New Force Business Innovation Platform -




Yun Si Shang

—The new power of the year creative brand —

MGS Silver


MAO MART homme


- New cross-border brand of the year -


Miss Lace

Rare species

—The new power designer of the year —

Feng Lu

Mo Hou Qie

—The new power design brand of the year —





- The new power of the year platform -

Xiang Shang said





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