Grand Hyatt Guangzhou celebrates its 11th anniversary, focusing on inheritance and innovation

To celebrate its 11th anniversary, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou joins forces with Mr. Hu Qinglin, the famous local artist, to create an exclusive anniversary giveaway – ‘Xi Guan copper’ chopsticks sets, highlighting local culture and tradition.


Xi Guan copperware is one of the most famous handicrafts in South China, it was listed as a piece of intangible cultural heritage in Guangzhou. The copper chopsticks selected by the hotel are made by the Su family, guardians of the Xi Guan copperware-making process. 

“We each learned how to use chopsticks from our parents, and we pass the skill on to the next generation”, said Hu Qinglin, the designer of the chopstick gift box. As a true local in Guangzhou, he has illustrated  the chopstick box with a story of a father and son playing the ‘chopsticks pickup game’, a traditional kids’ activity which brings  Cantonese people back to their childhood. 


When you open the box, you  find five shining glass beads inlaid on the side of chopsticks which allows you to practice your chopstick skills,  having fun with your friends and family. On the outside of the box is a graphic of Guangzhou. The city icons stand vividly on the paper with bright colors full of child-like artistry and playfulness. More than merely chopsticks, they represents and expresses Chinese people’s love, culture and respect. This is what the hotel calls “inheritance”.

It is always said “a pair of chopsticks” not “two sticks”, as one is of no use by itself. Stepping into its 11th anniversary, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou focuses on creation and innovation whilst never forgetting its rich cultural heritage. 



- Copperware: In ancient times,  Cantonese loved to use copperware and believed doing so was a sign of great status. 

- “Chopsticks” in Chinese is read as “kuaizi”, which can also means ‘to have sons soon’. Hence in Guangzhou tradition, parents will often give a pair of chopsticks to a newly married couple as their wedding gift.

- The chopsticks pickup game is a popular way for parents to teach kids how to use chopsticks. Players need to pick up slippery glass beads and put them into a bowl. The faster player wins.

Hu Qinglin:

A famous local artist and cartoonist born in the 80s, he started to draw at high school and opened his own studio in his college years. In 2009, he won the Golden Dragon Award – Best Cartoon category with his art piece, “Tan Siu Cantonese” and from then on, he has affectionately been called ‘Tan Siu Cantonese’ by his fans and locals. 



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