To create a fashion vane, what is the top in the trend this spring?


The four major autumn and winter series releasing fashion weeks has closed curtain in early March, and the live show and the hipster street shooting released on the major platforms are overwhelming. The four major fashion weeks are brilliant, but this year's "emphasis" is undoubtedly a resurgence of the national style. The antique treasures that were once only placed in the glass cover for viewing are turned into a color that is hard to find, wearing a bright yellow silk embroidered hydrangea cotton horse's bean paste lipstick. More and more excellent domestic products have returned strongly, and the national tide rejuvenation will become a new generation of young people.



As the leader of urban trend culture, "Cityzine" and dozens of media jointly selected from the aspects of design language, brand culture, creative thinking, open cooperation, and finally selected three representative fashion brands. 3 outstanding cross-border brands and 4 unique creative brands.



· Reasons for winning ·

Years of brand accumulation has become a brand that is courageous to explore. The eclectic cross-industry creation brings a unique aesthetic experience, vividly interpreting the unique cross-border philosophy.

Zimlpe was founded by Kelvin Un, the top ten clothing designer in Guangdong. As a lifestyle women's wear brand, Zimple advocates fashion and environmental art, integrates the brand of health and life aesthetics, constantly upgrades and optimizes the consumption experience of the composite brand concept store, and is committed to creating a brand image with rich connotation and pursuit of quality life. .


For a long time, Zimple has continued to carry out the concept of "environmental protection". For the founders of the brand, the development of the fashion industry and the promotion of environmental protection are inseparable, and the fashion art that blooms in environmental protection comes from this.


· Reasons for winning ·

Focus on the lace field, blending traditional crafts with modern fashion, and giving the brand a soul and story through cross-border cooperation.

Miss Lace was founded in 2015 by American Chinese designer Jason Shen (Shen Xin), a new luxury lace theme luxury clothing brand.


The minimalist design method reflects the delicate aesthetics of lace, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design, always implementing sexy, fashionable and simple design style. With the details of lace works and the unique design concept, it is a modern urban light mature woman. Create a brand new sexy dressing experience, advocating a free attitude of embracing sexy and embracing yourself.


Continuing the fashion legend of the beginning of the European Rococo period, each piece of MissLace's work is characterized by exquisite lace craftsmanship and personalized romantic design, reflecting the fashion spirit of the brand "Lace is more", conveying the freedom, elegance and classic feminine charm.


· Reasons for winning ·

Taking the industry and brand DNA as the starting point, we will develop a differentiated IP operation system for the brand, so that the brand can truly enter the consumer and form a sticky communication with the consumer.

Rare species use industry and brand DNA as an entry point to develop differentiated IP operations systems for brands. Realize the brand's specificity and uniqueness in the industry to open up the division of similar brands to form a private brand IP asset system.



· Reasons for winning ·

Integrating the natural skin care concept into the ever-changing trend, combining the trend with the tradition to decorate the young people with a unique lifestyle.

The paranoid naturalist AgeFour, who leads the new trend of pure natural skin care, is the first pure natural skin care brand in China founded by Ms. Li Manzhi. Advocating naturalistic aesthetics, advocating health and environmental protection, charm and sensuality, rational and self-disciplined lifestyle.


AgeFour, cloisonne astaxanthin lipstick

Cloisonne astaxanthin lipstick by AgeFour, is a intangible cultural cloisonne craftsmanship and commercial innovation, combining the ancient cloisonne craftsmanship with fashion and beauty to extend the national style.


At the age of four, I am free, innocent, and full of goodwill to the world. It is also the age when kids begin to enter the beauty and try to pursue beauty. At the age of four, you can use lipstick and skin care products absolutely safely. It is the product concept we want: follow 100% natural, whether you are four or eighty-four, you can use it with confidence.


· Reasons for winning ·

The functional dress is perfectly combined with the current trend, exploring the youth spirit with a playful attitude, and interpreting the new generation of national style trends.

The design brand AlphaStyle was founded in New York in 2016 by Hong Kong fashion designer Ivan Chan. AlphaStyle's design is inspired by the collision and combination of classic fashion and street aesthetics.


AlphaStyle represents a lifestyle that embraces the trend, a unique lifestyle that is self-inherent, creative and modern. Adhering to the practicality and street aesthetics, injecting practical details into the design, highlighting the personal taste and temperament of low-key personality, let you wear your own "language" on the street.


· Reasons for winning ·

The “practical alien” design concept broadens the public's perception of the fashion, and the enthusiasm and keen artistic sense is its unique brand label.

DOUBLE-X is a design brand founded in 2015 by designer Tuscany. It is both a minimalist artistic temperament and an avant-garde side of young people.


Adhering to the "practical alien" design concept, the trend can also be integrated into life, and the vary color also add a little highlight to the daily dress. Uniquely interpret the brand style of DOUBLE-X's exquisite, elegant and rebellious spirit.



· Reasons for winning ·

Multi-material material mix and match, diverse design expression, MGS is a visual feast with imagination and art

MGS, as a silver brand on both ends of light luxury jewellery and fashion accessories, not only escapes the traditional consumption concept of jewellery, but also focuses on the trend of design and meets the needs of urban women in different occasions. Matching needs.


The brand concept of "free, independent and natural" has given designers a lot of inspiration. The craftsmanship of Thai silver craft has been inherited for centuries. MGS still practices the loyalty to natural materials. 


· Reasons for winning ·

The neat tailoring blends with the classic colors, and E+F uses a creative design to create a female image with an independent soul.

E+F was founded in 2013. The founder and chief designer Eva (Ye Siwei) hopes to infuse the brand with a beautiful and beautiful quality Fashion & Friends. With the concept of fashion, with friends as a bridge, in the bustling city, Women offer a home where a stylish soul perches.


Combining fashion and practicality, it adopts comfortable and light fabrics, tailored with stylish stitching, and is good at blending elegant oriental temperament with neat Western tailoring, showing the modern, refined, independent and diverse modern characteristics of women.


· Reasons for winning ·

The emotions and the universal sense of all things are turned into philosophical thoughts in design, and the creativity is used to resonate with the youth. The brand philosophy of not being flamboyant but powerful has been throughout.


2018 S/S Spring Summer Collection

MAO MART homme is an original womenswear brand founded by fashion designer Mao Nen in 2015. Create a design that can be perceived through the body and mind through nature, humanities, art, and the experience of life.


· Reasons for winning ·

Swim between the soft and the soft, LIYIHAN conveys the independent and free brand idea with simple and interesting design aesthetics.

LIYIHAN is a well-known news anchor Li Yihan is a designer brand that pursues his own heart and speaks for independent women. From the traditional media cross-border to fashion design, the seemingly uninteresting field has placed her innermost artistic dreams.


LIYIHAN hopes to enhance the intimate relationship between clothing and skin through design, and it is also an interpretation of the beautiful soul of contemporary women.



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