Awakening in spring, there is a colorful banquet here


Women's sensitivity to color seems to be born. In color science, different colors represent the psychological characteristics of women at different stages. The ingenious use of color can maximize the charm and beauty of women.

Fashionable colors are never limited to a particular style, and can be both fresh and playful, yet introverted and calm. It gives women a thousand styles that can easily be turned into a mix-and-match queen. In this flowery moment, it is time to show your spring awakening! City Painting Jun brings you three beautiful spring colors to see which one is best for you.


Gold coral 


The 2019 pop color coral orange released by Pantone not long ago must be remembered? Coral orange is beautiful but it is the popular color of clothing and textiles. It is difficult to use in shoes.

Do you know that shoes also have their own exclusive fashion colors?蹀愫tigrisso and China Fashion Color Association, according to the international fashion trends, researched the popular colors of Chinese shoes and released them. In the release of "2019 spring and summer Chinese fashion women's shoes popular color", 蹀愫tigrisso uses six kinds of colorful colors to interpret the true awakening of urban girls.

Among them, the calm and elegant gold coral color is an indispensable fashionable color this year, representing the warm and soft heart of women, always bringing love and hope to the surrounding.

A touch of golden coral color that is a vibrant spring day, the bright color brings a sense of affinity without pressure, which is the classic interpretation of women's inner heart.

Light olive


Light olives are the vitality of spring and the safety threshold of the happiness index. Let's take a look at the green of the spring breeze and transform into a good and low-carbon life aesthetician.


Rouge red


The low-key and charming rouge red is a red spring.

Ms. CHANEL once said: Red, symbolizing freedom, eagerness and the rhythm of life. Red, also the style of the girls with changing styles and self-sufficiency.

Each color is full of a unique "personal charm."

How to find the color that is exclusive to the individual? How to become the color of the trend of the "prophet"? Let’s listen to the exclusive secrets of the new fashion fashion pioneer of 2019.



· Reasons for winning ·

Do not stop, explore more than.蹀愫tigrisso transforms the colorful colors into the art of toe, and interprets elegant aesthetics with color.

· Brand story ·


蹀愫tigrisso, meaning “walking with heart” in the journey of life, is a women's shoes brand that aims to interpret an elegant lifestyle and is committed to women's comfortable, healthy and high-quality walking.


The 蹀愫tigrisso brand was officially authorized by the China Fashion Color Association to release the color of Chinese fashion women's shoes, and was awarded the China Women's Shoes Color Award by the China Fashion Color Association.

蹀愫tigrisso always uses the attitude of exquisite walkingism to let women experience the true joy of walking.

蹀愫tigrisso adheres to the Spanish cultural origin and artistic endowment, and advocates an elegant and refined life concept. The elegant oriental name has a different meaning. “蹀” means “walking”, “愫” is “feeling”, and “蹀愫” means “the true feelings of walking”.

The elegant concept of life is indispensable for the fashion symbol of "color".


There is an annual Pantone color trend for the apparel and textile industry in the world. Today, China's fashion, design and trend are increasingly speaking. 蹀愫tigrisso is already the first brand in China to be authorized to release the colors of Chinese fashion women's shoes.

Shoes can be said to be a kind of belief of women. He carefully captures the emotions of women's high-heeled shoes. From the five famous female protagonists, they reflect the social scenes of shoes and colors affecting women's lives, and show the independence of modern women. Confident, easy walking attitude.

Artwork with magical colors


In the spring and summer of 2019 series, the ideal future world of 蹀愫tigrisso is an oasis full of fun and fun. Here, the destination of life is not single, women can have more positive and beautiful choices and lifestyles.


For women who struggle in every big city, believing in the future of “oasis” is also their direction.



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