Complex embroidery, cheongsam, buckles... How does the traditional wind sweep the fashion circle?


Recently, a live show, "National Style Beauty Boy", which has indulged many young people, has finally come to an end. In addition to face of the beauties, the high-level national style culture in the program makes people more excited- the eye-catching combination of traditional musical instruments, traditional dance, ancient music and other new trends.

It turns out that the traditional national style can be so young!


National style and Chinese style are increasingly sought after by young people. The appearance of TV programs, "Chinese Poetry Conference" and "The Great Craftsman" has ignited everyone's enthusiasm for Chinese traditional culture.

Fashion circles are no exception.


Gorgeous embroidery, graceful cheongsam, and traditional Chinese-style clothing have long been a source of inspiration for designers from all over the world.

The colorful embroidery accumulates on the soft fabric. The elements of Tang Style suits become the finishing touch for the decoration; the elegant cheongsam becomes a more fashionable by the designer's improvement.

The unique Chinese aesthetic symbol is becoming a new trend through the mix and match design.


If you want to grasp this trend in depth, then the Kapok Road featuring traditional clothing as the carrier, hand-painted Chinese painting and "Chinese-style" as the core is a national brand that cannot be missed.

Ink painting, embroidery, buckles, blue cloth and linen... These traditional "Chinese style" symbols were re-optimized by the designer before they were able to return to everyday life.

The simplicity of Hanfu, the prosperity of Tang suit, and the grace of cheongsam, the needle-and-line is the unchanging temperament of the Kapok Road, and through the combination of style innovation and trend mixing, the Kapok Road has a more pulse for the current fashion. Grasping, it also gives the tradition a new vitality.

In recent years, the revival of Hanfu has become a trend. The spacious style is simple and versatile, and it can be easily matched with various styles. It has long been an indispensable gift for fashion KOL.


Since its inception, Kapok Road has incorporated Hanfu into its own design. In the view of the founder, Ms. Xu Aidong, elegant and elegant, euphemistic and euphemistic, elegant and fresh for the ancient charm of Hanfu, combining ancient rhyme with modernity, is the perseverance of Kapok Road, and also the embodiment of ingenuity.



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