Parallel Universe——Exhibition by Zhuo Ying held in Guangzhou

|Exhibition Info|

Artist: Zhuo Ying

Curator: Kelvin Huang

Exhibition Duration: 2018. 08. 25 — 2018. 09. 30

Open Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号 逵园艺术馆)

Organizer: Kui Yuan Gallery 

《月亮升起 The Rising Moon》纸本丙烯 Acrylic on paper 77x106cm 2015.jpg

The Rising Moon / Acrylic on paper 77x106cm 2015


As a straightforward and interesting freedom advocator, Zhuo Ying believes that the further one travels, the more different the sights will be. Zhuo Ying’s unique personality and styles, nurtured by the years of overseas study and by a strong thirst to explore unknown cultures, are showcased as a multi-cultural fusion in her works. The unconventional objects painted to convey her thoughts and ideas, and the contemplations and sentiments about life implied in her works, make most of the signs and symbols in her paintings symbolically significant.

Zhuo Ying just like a magician, conjures up a parallel virtual world to accommodate the thoughts unbearable and things both unattainable and unchangeable in reality. In her surrealistic images, the exaggerating and uncanny scenes, unexpected relations and images between figures and objects can form complex and bizarre circumstances, familiar and unfamiliar, just like a fantasy flashing in our brain or a remote dream. In the meantime, Zhuo Ying’s points of views are demonstrated by every single one of those recurrent images with re-set relations: the human species is not above all, and all species are created equal; the role of everything is not as our stereotypes which are taken for granted or invariable. Those bold originalities, the ideas that rarely come to us or the attempts we daren’t make at ordinary times, all become rational and full of interest in the world she built.

Instead of being deliberate embellishment, the exquisite brushwork is true expression of the dreamy subconsciousness, not meaningless beauty, but Zhuo Ying’s sentiments brimming in between her brush and canvas, even surpassing the significance of reality. To be more specific, Zhuo Ying’s works display the overlapped forces between consciousness and unconsciousness, eerie, uncanny, unrestrained, unreal, but more extensive and profound than reality. No matter whether there is parallel space or time in the real world, all the miraculous circumstances structured by Zhuo Ying, parallel to reality, enable us to see the infinite possibilities which also go for Zhuo Ying’s broad road to the art.

Kelvin Huang

August, 2018

卓莹 Zhuo Ying.jpg

Artist’s Profile

Zhuo Ying

Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2002, majoring in Oil Painting and received her Master’s degree in Academy of Art University in 2006, majoring in Animation. She recently works as a faculty in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Her works were collected by Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum and Academy of Art University. 

Solo Exhibitions

2018  Parallel Universe—Exhibition by Zhuo Ying, Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2017  Out of the Settled—A Solo Exhibition of Zhuo Ying, 33 Contemporary Art Center, 

Guangzhou, China 

2014  Forgotten Wonderland—Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Wilber’s Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2012  Daily Fantasy—Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2011  Poetic Fable—Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Tangning Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2010  Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, UN Space, UN Book Store, Guangzhou, China

2009  Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, 625 Gallery, San Francisco, US

2006  Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Cup-A-Joe's, San Francisco, US

2005  Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Cup-A-Joe's, San Francisco, US

2002  Zhuo Ying Solo Exhibition, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China

《寻找我的宝藏 Find My Treasure》布面丙烯 Acrylic on linen 150x213cm 2016.jpg

Find My Treasure /  Acrylic on linen 150x213cm 2016

Group Exhibitions & Awards

2016  LIANZHOU FOTO, Lianzhou, China 

2016  International Urban Image Festival, Shenzhen, China

2016  Citizen Jane Film Festival, Missouri, US

2016  We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival, Oregon, US

2016  2016 Exhibition of Art Institutions from the Pearl River Delta, Museum of 

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China

2012  Suspending in the Reality—Zhuo Ying and Wang Yi Selected Works Exhibition, 

Times Museum(Zhuhai Branch), China

2010  Reflection—Zhuo Ying and Wang Yi Selected Works Exhibition, Galerie Seguela, 

Guangzhou, China

2010  Chinesexy—Contemporary Art Exhibition, EMG, Guangzhou, China

2009  Butterfly-Man, Celebrating the P.R.China’s 60th Anniversary—Guangdong Province Fine 

Arts Exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2008  The Heart of Q” & Butterfly-Man, Ginger Coke Invitational Painting Exhibition, HongKong

2008  Ceremony, China Youth & Midlife Artist Commending Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2006  Dream Dispatcher series awarded the “Excellent Art Works” in the Spring Show of 

University of the Arts, San Francisco, US

2005  Ceremony & Hug, Spring Show of University of the Arts, San Francisco, US 

2002  A.D.4923 series awarded “The National Excellent Art Works Exhibition of Undergraduate 

Students 2002”, China

2001  The Zero awarded the Charles B.Wang Scholarship at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 

Guangzhou, China

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