Top water parks to survive scorching summer

The hottest period of a year is about to come. If you want to spend a “cool” holiday with friends and family, don’t miss these water parks chosen for you!

1. Chimelong Water Park

If you live in Guangzhou or Zhuhai, you must have known Chiemelong. Chimelong Water Park boasts numerous industry-leading attractions. In the Aloha Village, there is the “Extreme Rivers”, which is the world’s largest artificial torrent. As the world’s largest drift surfing project in terms of capacity, the unmatched 3-metre high waves put “Chimelong on the pedestal of the wave.” Through storage-type spillway and unique curvature design to simulate the impact of flash floods, it can accommodate as many as 3,000 visitors at any one time to experience the extreme realism of flood waves.

Opening time: 9:30-22:30


Day: Adult: ¥280 / person Children: ¥195 / person  

Night: Adult: ¥195 / person Children: ¥135 / person

Address: Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort

Metro: Take line 3 and take off at Hanxi Chimelong Station, then go out at Exit E. Walk around 5 minutes to reach Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort.

Bus: Take Bus No. 129, No.303, No.304, No.310, No.562 and get off at Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort.

2. Da He Ma Water World

Da He Ma Water World is famous for its perfect combination of nature and modern. Modern water rides are surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, providing unique experience for tourists.

Opening time: 9:00—21:30

Tickets: Adult: ¥168 / person Children: ¥68 / person

Address: Guangzhou Nan Hu Tourist Resort

Bus: take Bus No.862 and get off at Guangzhou Nan Hu Tourist Resort Station

3.Playa Maya Water Park

The Playa Maya Waterpark, the only theme-water-park in Shenzhen, is awarded “Tourism Industry Innovation Award” by World Waterpark Association. The water park combines ancient Maya Culture with modern aquatic projects. With its 6 latest aquatic amusement projects, you will find Playa Maya Water park the perfect choice for the whole family to relieve the summer heat.

Opening time: 13:00—21:30

Tickets: Adult: ¥230 / person Children: ¥120 / person

Address: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town

Car: Drive starting at Guang Yuan Dong Lu and transfer to Guang-Shen Expressway, then exist the expressway to Shen Nan Road where you can find the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town on the left.

4. Dongguan Zong Lv Gu Shui Cheng

Dongguan Zong Lv Gu Water City, the biggest and most beautiful water park in Dongguan, takes design inspiration from dynamic sea. Five swimming pools and thrilling water games offer visitors relaxing and thrilling experience while enjoying charming beach scenery.

Opening time: 10:00-22:00

Ticket: ¥69.9 / person 

Address: Dong Cheng District, Dongguan.

Bus: Take bus to Dongguan Passenger Transport Terminal and transfer to Bus L5, then get off at Hu Ying Park. Walk around 280 ms to get to the destination.

Author: Jim & Sylvia



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