Over 30 Years of Traditional, Handcrafted Mooncakes at the LN Garden Hotel

The LN Garden Hotel proudly presents its best-selling classic Mooncakes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival. For over 30 years, the LN Garden Hotel has been presenting skillfully hand-crafted mooncakes all packaged beautifully to make an impressive gift for friends, business partners and family.

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Guangzhou’s city theme “The Flower City in Bloom,” is rooted in the way the people of Guangzhou use flowers in their celebrations and daily life, and embodies the city’s environmentally-friendly and warm character.  The spirit of the flower city is also evident in the hotel's beautifully landscaped gardens, embellished with variety of vibrant and colorful flowers. Inspired by the flower city theme, this year’s mooncakes come encased in an attractive package with an elegant and distinctive golden casing, adorned with flowers and butterfly artwork. Continuing from last year’s theme, you will also see the famous scene from a chapter of Chinese novel ‘The Dream of Red Chamber,’ inscribed on the sides of the box.  

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Our mooncakes are prepared using time-honored recipes and upholding the highest standards of texture and taste, which includes selecting the finest lotus seed to grind into the delicious paste for our Mooncake filling.  In addition to the traditional White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk Mooncake, we have introduced some new flavors to celebrate the festival: Mini Cantonese-style, Premium Custard, Red Bean Paste with Melon Seed, Chinese Ham with Assorted Nuts, Lingnan Signature and Ice Mooncakes.

For  those with  an  appetite  for unique blend  of flavors, the ‘Premium Assorted Mooncakes’ offers a delicious mix of following cakes:

-          White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk

-          Chinese Ham with Assorted Nuts

-          Orange Peel and Red Bean Paste

-          Black Sesame

Dessert lovers can look forward to the delicious, refreshing and exquisite Ice Mooncakes, which are available in an assortment of Litchi, Mango and Cherry flavors.

For order or enquiry, please call (020) 8333 8989 3694 or visit our Mooncake Booth at the Hotel Lobby from August 20 to September 22.

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Address: 368 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou, 510064, China

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