Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou x Valrhona present Inspirational Garden Afternoon Tea


On 15 June 2018, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou together with one of the world’s best chocolate brands, Valrhona presents guests a refreshing and creative journey for sweet teeth: The Inspirational Garden Afternoon Tea. 

Being the first hotel in Mainland China to use Valrhona Inspiration range, the synergy between hotel’s French Executive Pastry Chef, Franck Istel and Valrhona chocolate artist would become the most dazzling gem in this summer.

Valrhona’s story began in 1922 with passion, commitment and excellence as its guiding lights. Ever since, these three values have paved their way, allowing them to push back the boundaries of creativity and flavour. With the non-stop innovation and ultimate premium quality, Valrhona becomes the first choice for world’s renowned pastry chefs. Inspiration is Valrhona’s first range of fruit covertures, made of 100% natural ingredients: fruit powder, cocoa butter and sugar. Valrhona’s researchers have drawn on all the chocolate-making expertise to develop this technical feat which combines the unique texture of chocolate with the intense flavour and colour of fruit.


“Both the taste or the colour of Valrhona Inspiration range are the perfect match with Summer, therefore, I am inspired to create a garden with colourful sweets that bring in a summer twist for those sweet teeth,” said Franck, Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou. “With the irresistible taste of this creative collection of Valrhona, a summer breeze with tenderness and freshness will overwhelm the afternoon tea experience. Furthermore, the presentation is also specially crafted to serve the theme.”

The Inspirational Garden Afternoon Tea set includes six delicate and creative desserts and three savoury choices to enrich the set. 

The TRANSPARENCE ATTITUDE shows a generous Inspiration Almond jelly, covered by a refreshing pineapple confit and decorated with a surprising Inspiration Passion crispy

The ECLAIR INSPIRATION FRAISE selects Inspiration Strawberry. Pouring smooth strawberry cream inside and decorate it with strawberry glaze, every bite is a full enjoyment of strawberry. 

PETIT GATEAU COMPTE-TOUR offers multiple fruit flavours with layers of Inspiration Almond mousse, caramel passion, hazelnut-almond praline cake, and Inspiration Passion glaze.


PASQUETTE’s appearance looks like an elegant lady under her umbrella walking in the garden. It is a light and colourful dessert with a pink Inspiration Strawberry Mousse and white a Valrhona Opalys-vanilla Namelaka.

Last but not least, the ALMOND INSPIRATION MOCKTAIL: a tailor-made mocktail made of a Matcha infusion base paired with a generous Inspiration Almond ganache; the perfect ending and refreshing note of this delightful experience.

For the savoury selections, Chef Fillipo has chosen Chicken Terrin with Tomato Bread, Gravlax Salmon with Spinach Bread and Mango Salsa, and Foie Gras Terrin with White Toast, which will provide a undeniable contrast to the sweets.

Slip away to The Atrium, the upscale 70th-floor lounge, taste the summer vibe while enjoying the spectacular view of Guangzhou Skyline and Pearl River. Let’s image the best of chocolate up in the clouds!

The Atrium中庭酒吧.jpg

Inspirational Garden Afternoon Tea:

Monday to Friday: 2:30pm-5:00pm

Weekend: 1:30pm-6:30pm

Price: CNY298* per person / CNY498* for two persons

(The package includes one selected coffee or tea)

* Promotion valid till 31 August. All prices are subject to 15% service charge and prevailing government tax.

For more information and reservation, please contact The Atrium at 86 (20) 8883 3370.



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