Exhibition ‘Disguise’ by Huang Liyan held in Guangzhou


|Exhibition Info|

Artist: Huang Liyan

Academic Director: Hu Bin

Exhibition Duration: 2018. 07. 01 — 2018. 08. 05

Open Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号 逵园艺术馆)

《刺猬的优雅 A Hedgehog’s Elegance》布面油画 Oil on canvas 215x175cm 2015.jpg

A Hedgehog’s Elegance / Oil on canvas 215x175cm 2015


“Most of the time, what can be put into words is but a disguise, and even this line you are reading right now seems so unreal.” Quoted from Huang Liyan’s self-statement, this sentence concludes his intuitive feeling of the controlled and distorted state in the real world. In this increasingly bizarre and motley society, the prevalence of various pretenses and absurdities done in a grandiose name has given some the impression that “the reality is more magical than the surreal state”. What adds to it is that emotions in this so-called post-truth era exert more impacts on the public opinions than facts do, so it is quite easy for us to get lost in the ocean of words.

That being said, how should an artist do about himself? Is what he paints a disguise that reflects the social reality? As we know, many artists would use art as a tool to reflect on the society or to deliver a message. But clearly not every case is that simple. For Huang Liyan, painting is an independent field where he can start a seesaw struggle with worldly matters and with himself. One may feel lost as to what he signifies: distorted figures, chaotic colors, unexpected scenes, geometrical shapes about to jump out of the canvas from time to time, and even complicated and confusing narrative poetic names he would give to his works… in other words, due to these multiple factors, the meaning of his painting oscillates between the “outside and inside”. And his short incidental videos have generated more tense and dramatic struggles, like a fight at close quarters.

The surroundings he has seen, his self-observation and the visual projections based on certain sources interweave, condense and overlap in world of images Huang Liyan has constructed. The figures and relevant sentiments or mentalities seemingly can directly mirror the hearts of their audience, but meanwhile they are as far-fetched as the “illusions” of one another.

Hu Bin

Professor of Art Management Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

《低处的光 Lower Light》布面油画 Oil on canvas 180x155cm 2016.jpg

Lower Light / Oil on canvas 180x155cm 2016

Artist’s Profile

Huang Liyan

Born in Guangdong Province in 1976. MFA graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Now living and working in Beijing.

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《孤独的历史 Solitary History》布面油画 Oil on canvas 155x155cm 2016.jpg

Solitary History / Oil on canvas 155x155cm 2016

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《修辞和隐喻 Metaphor Of Rhetoric》布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas 210x120cm 2017.jpg

Metaphor Of Rhetoric / Acrylic on canvas 210x120cm 2017



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