Qi Concealed, Action Awaits - Four Case Studies of Contemporary Lacquer

| Exhibition Info |

Artists: Guo Xiaoyi/ Lian Xuyun/ Shi Pengcheng/ Xie Zhen

Academic Advisor: Pi Daojian

Curator: Li Tingchen

Producer: Liu Yi

Symposium: 2018.06.21(Thu.) 14:30-18:00

Opening Reception: 2018.06.21(Thu.) 18:00

Duration: 2018.06.21-2018.09.12

Opening Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00-18:00

Venue: 33 Contemporary Art Center (33当代艺术中心)


| Foreword |

“Qi”, a Chinese equivalent to “utensils and implements” and “people of outstanding capabilities”, refers specifically to lacquer wares, lacquer art and lacquer artists herein. “Qi Concealed, Action Awaits” is derived from a line in Section Two of “The Great Appendix” from I Ching, that is  “Honorable men with their Qi concealed while awaiting their timing for actions always triumph in their undertakings. ” 

Such philosophy was inherited and enhanced by Confucianism into a key concept embodying the world view and methodology with which people can perfect themselves by constantly refining their own inner qualities while awaiting for opportunities for self-actualization in the society. “Concealing Qi” characterizes one’s own efforts and struggle and “awaiting for actions” indicates that: the “right time” is to be construed as the time when opportunities presents themselves while “awaiting” is needed for such timing to emerge with both internal and external conditions mature for actions. 

By adopting “Qi Concealed, Action Awaits” as the title of this exhibition, we mean to summarize the efforts propelling the modern and contemporary transformation of Chinese lacquer art while conveying a great wish for success of such a transformation in this great time.

The modern and contemporary transformation of an art form is not only a dynamic proposition, but also a reflection of the status of a significant moment. As the humanistic spirits and contemporary conceptions constantly change in this new era, lacquer art practitioners begin to probe into the possibilities and necessities for the modern and contemporary transformation of such an ancient art form. 

This exhibition is intended to be a display of sample survey in which four representative artists along with their works are selected from many in an effort to reflect and explore the unique phenomena characteristic of the contemporary development of lacquer art over the recent period. 

The four participating artists who are representative respectively in terms of age, art-making experiences, perception on mediums of art, educational background, mechanism behind their growth, thinking on art and art styles, will be displayed as individual cases that exemplify the variation in their art making. 

It allows for more systematic and in-depth comparison and observation of those factors on exploring and explicating phenomena and paths exclusive to the modern and contemporary transformation of lacquer art. 

| Introduction of Artists | 

Guo Xiaoyi


1974 Born in Dalian, Liaoning province

1998 Graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts 

2003 Graduated from Lacquer Art Department, Fine Art Education, Tokyo Gakugei University with a master’s degree 

From 2003 to 2005 received the Ph.D. training in Tokyo Gakugei University, focused on the comparative study of Japanese and Chinese lacquer art

Now associate professor of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, postgraduate tutor

《空华Flower - Emptiness》 干漆夹纻、天然漆ramie cloth, natural lacquer, etc. 52×40×26cm 2018.jpg

Flower - Emptiness / ramie cloth, natural lacquer, etc. 52×40×26cm 2018 

Solo Exhibition

2003 Guo Xiaoyi Lacquer Works Exhibition, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Saitama, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2017 2017 SPIRITUALITY: The 3rd NEW CRAFTS International Emerging Artists Group Exhibition, Xujiahui Campus, Shanghai Art & Design Academy, Shanghai, China


Lian Xuyun


1990 Graduated from the Department of Art Education, Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts(now known as China Academy of Art)

2003-2004 Took a one-year mid-career study program in the Department of Ceramics at China Academy of Art

《伏流Subterranean Stream》 大漆、瓦灰、麻绳、夏布lacquer, tile ash, hemp rope, grass linen 尺寸可变dimensions vary 2017 局部.jpg

Subterranean Stream / acquer, tile ash, hemp rope, grass linen/ dimensions vary 2017 

A lover of lacquer painting and the design and production of ware (lacquer and ceramic wares), now member of Chinese Artists Association, member of Zhejiang Artists Association, deputy secretary general of Zhejiang Province Lacquer Painting Research Institute, associate professor of Zhejiang Shuren University, and engaged in teaching and research of lacquer and ceramics.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Dialogue with Lacquer —Lian Xuyun’s Works, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China


Shi Pengcheng


1990 Born in Fuzhou, Fujian province

2012 Graduated from the Department of Murals Art, Public Art College in China Academy of Art with a bachelor’s degree in lacquer painting 

2015 Graduated from the Public Arts Department of Shanghai Institute of Design in China Academy of Art with a MFA’s degree

In school, won the scholarships granted by China Academy of Art, participated in many important art exhibitions home and aboard and won various awards.

《Ms·迷思No.3 Ms·Myth No.3》 大漆、瓦灰、纱布lacquer, tile ash, gauze 17×11×14.5cm 2018.jpg

 Ms·Myth No.3 / lacquer, tile ash, gauze 17×11×14.5cm 2018

Group Exhibitions

2018 2018 Fujian Youth Day Invitational Exhibition of Young Lacquer Painting Talents, Xiamen Free Trade Zone International Lacquer Painting Art Exchange Center, Xiamen, China 

2018 The Sages Creation: Contemporary Lacquer Invitational Exhibition, Tao Xichuan Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen, China


Xie Zhen


1967 Born in Suzhou, Jiangsu province

Now associate professor of Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute, member of Chinese Artists Association and deputy director of Lacquer Art Committee, Jiangsu Artists Association

《界上·山月 No.1 Boundaries·Mountain and the Moon No.1》 纻布、苎麻、生漆、金箔ramie cloth, ramie, lacquer, gold foil 180×360cm 2017.jpg

Boundaries·Mountain and the Moon No.1 / ramie cloth, ramie, lacquer, gold foil 180×360cm 2017

Group Exhibitions

2018 Trace Ancient and Syncretize Today: Chinese Lacquer Painting Exhibition, Mysia 3, Warsaw, Poland

2018 The Sages Creation: Contemporary Lacquer Invitational Exhibition, Tao Xichuan Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen, China

2018 Yun Ji: The Lacquer-Jade Works of Yin Jianguo and Xie Zhen, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China




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