Caffe Mondo launches new menu, bringing in the flavor of Italian gourmet essence

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Roasted Veal Loin [Photo provided to]

The Italian inspired restaurant Caffe Mondo at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launches new menu this summer, featuring premium seasonal ingredients in authentic Italian flavor. 

“Similar to Cantonese cuisine culture, Italian cuisine also relies strongly on seasonal products, and emphasizing healthy lifestyle,” introduced Chef Filippo. He brings regional delicacies from his hometown Tuscany; the La Toscana Platter which uses the high-quality Cinta senese ham and Pecorino Toscano DOP is one of the signature dishes. Roasted Veal Loin also named Vitello Tonnato is a typical Italian starter; it selects premium loin with tuna sauce, presents a well-light taste for summer season.

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Chef Filippo Fondatori [Photo provided to]

Caffe Mondo’s new menu has widened the selection of Main Courses. Farm Chicken and New Zealand Lamb Loin are highly recommended by the Chef. “We fill root vegetables and black truffle into the chicken and deep fried, it makes the dish more seductive. The New Zealand Lamb Loin is paired with Balsamic jus and cauliflower puree, it is a really traditional Italian style of cooking,” Filippo emphasized. 

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New Zealand Lamb Loin [Photo provided to]

Caffe Mondo features what could possibly be the world’s highest brick lined pizza oven to serve homemade pizza, it also presents variety kinds of homemade pasta as well as pasta di Gragnano, which is one of the best dried pasta from Italy. In the new menu, the Linguini with Hokkaido scallops and basil pesto is extremely fresh and tasty as a seasonal cuisine. Raviolo Aperoto is also recommended. With a scent of mushrooms, the favor is aromatic and brisk. The dish is enjoyable for vegetarians.

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Raviolo Aperto [Photo provided to]

Besides pasta and pizza, the selections of traditional Acquarello Risotto are added into the new menu. The risotto with botan shrimp and soppressata salami is delicate and delicious. The mixture of creamy burrata cheese, sweet shrimp, savory salami and refreshing calamansi makes the risotto tasty.

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Millefoglie [Photo provided to]

Dessert is an important component in Italian cuisine. Millefoglie and Lampone are the highlights of the new dessert collection. Executive Pastry Chef Franck has created a shape of raspberry to present Lampone, filled with raspberry jelly, which makes the whole experience attempting and become a delightful indulgence for those sweet teeth. 

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Mare [Photo provided to]

Along with the menu, lunch and dinner sets are also available:

Lunch Antipasto and Dessert Bar:

with choice of one Pizza or Pasta - CNY 298

with choice of one Main Course or Risotto - CNY 348

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Farm Chicken [Photo provided to]

Dinner Antipasto and Dessert Bar:

with choice of one Pizza or Pasta - CNY 398

with choice of one Main Course or Risotto - CNY 468

* All prices are subject to 15% service charge and prevailing government tax.

For more information and reservation, please contact Caffe Mondo at 86 (20) 8883 3373.


The Italian inspired restaurant Caffe Mondo at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou [Photo provided to]



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