Shangshui villa, an ideal place for a retreat from the mundane life

As more and more people go to travel just for taking some amazing photos and posting them on social media, a true experience of traveling seems to become more and more difficult. Many would ask if there is a place free of tourist crowds where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery to the greatest extent. 

You bet! Shangshui villa, a hotel topping the list of Chinese High-quality Hotel 2017, has attracted a number of world-class celebrities like Liu Taige, Zhang Yimou, Gao Wenan, and Yan Geling. It may be your ideal place for a retreat from the mundane life.

Located in the top national scenic area of the Li River, Shangshui villa enjoys the best part of the area’s scenery: it is on the Egret Island and faces a beautiful sight of mountain peaks across the river. The breathtaking and idyllic surroundings will definitely remind you of your true self in an out-of-this-world serenity. 

Here is why Shangshui villa is your ideal place for a retreat from the mundane life and appeals to so many world-class celebrities.


1. The Idyllic Beauty

Guilin is famous for its natural beauty. On the way driving from downtown Guilin to Shangshui villa, the picturesque scenery was like canvases of masterpiece unrolling on both sides. As you enter the best part of Li River Scenic Area, a number of elegant courtyards with white walls and black roofs stood alongside the riverbank. On the other side was the Qifeng Mountain, and the Egret Island connected the two lands. Among water plants, egrets glided leisurely and buffaloes wandered languidly. Only when you look at this scenery of wonderland and feel a stirring of a spiritual power within me, will you understand why this place could be so attractive to those celebrities.

2. The Art of Design

Shangshui villa is designed by the most accomplished urban planning professional in Singapore — Mr. Liu Taige. It is his only villa-style work throughout the world. He says, “Looking at the nebulous Li River, the continuous mountains, and the egret-flying wetland, an ineffable feeling grew inside of me. I have been to many places around the world but few of them have a better environment for living than this one.” Thus, he designed Shangshui villa to be harmonious with the nature and represent its true beauty.



All rooms in Shangshui villa have a good view and offer you different sceneries: the misty Li River, the bizarre movement of clouds, and the falling of fresh water drops. You open the windows and take a deep breath of fresh air, watching the rising sun while having breakfast. In dusk, you watch the beautiful sunset with the one you love at the window. It is difficult not to fall in love with such idyllic life.


The hotel is a group of independent villas, each of which has a private garden, a family theatre, a kitchen, and a dining room. The infrastructures provide you various entertainment choices.

The floor-to-ceiling windows break the excludability of enclosure space and invite the natural sceneries into your house, evoking a Buddhist spirit with a picturesque tranquility. The Chinese ideas of vacancy and asceticism are borne in the space itself, turning the basic elements of a life back into their simplest form.

3. The Customized Service

As the top in Chinese High-quality Hotel Ranking, Shangshui villa provides customized and high-quality service to every customer. Shangshui villa has a 1200-meter long corridor along the river, a gulf course, a tennis court, pavilions, customer centers, home-cooking restaurants, and other infrastructures that satisfy any entertainment and business need of every customer.


There is also an exclusive harbor—the Daxu Town Harbor. A private travel advisor can help you plan and guide you through a gardening experience, a barbecue at the riverside, fishing, bicycling, outdoor yoga, and other activities. 


4. The Initial Idea

The Shangshui villa Project was initiated and run by Guangzhou Hongsheng Investment Limited Corporation. The project director, Fan Haifeng, is among the Most Respected Entrepreneurs of 2012 according to Hurun Report. 

Asked why he initiated this project, Mr. Fan Haifeng says, “We pursue the ideal and distinction of respecting the nature and promoting harmony between humans and nature. Bearing that in mind, we treat the project as an artistic work of balancing nature and business, which we will continue to make perfect.” Shangshui villa is the masterpiece of this aspiring team.




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