The Feast: Solo exhibition by Lin Yusi to be held in Guangzhou

The Feast: Solo exhibition by Lin Yusi to be held in Guangzhou
The Feast: Solo exhibition by Lin Yusi to be held in Guangzhou
The Feast: Solo exhibition by Lin Yusi to be held in Guangzhou
The Feast: Solo exhibition by Lin Yusi to be held in Guangzhou

|Exhibition Info|

Artist: Lin Yusi

Curators: Kelvin Huang, Patricia Li

Exhibition Duration:2018. 05. 12 — 2018. 06. 18

Open Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Venue: Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9, Xuguyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (广州市越秀区恤孤院路9号 逵园艺术馆)

Nearby metro station: Dongshankou station, Line 1 or 6


The poster of the exhibition [Photo provided to]


“The Family Feast”, literally means a meal prepared at home for guests. It leads to this exhibition because the works shown are small paintings made in my own home.

It started like this: each weekend when my elder son doesn’t go to school, I have to take him out for fun so that his mom can bring our younger son into sleep. We have been to art museums and art galleries but have never set foot to an art supply store, a key link in the chain of art, so we drove to one of those shops. 

I tend to be intrigued by my own kid’s curiosity, so I did want to see what he would pick up among all the goods in the shop. After shuttling repeatedly between shelves, he finally settled for two green-shelled duck eggs made of foam, durable and economical. “This boy does know the value of frugality,” I could not help giving him a thumb up in my mind.

For someone like me who tend to spend generously, such small purchase could hardly qualify as our minimum spending. So out of shame and indignation, I selected several stacks from a pile of paper in an attempt to appease the shop assistant who in his mind could be lashing out at me, “the annoying shopper who spent a whole day with his kid in the shop without buying anything as if they were in a museum”. 

In fact, the paper would definitely be used for painting as the pastime at night after the kids fell asleep. It would be a shame not to paint something with a big stack of paper bought and placed at my fingertips, as such paintings would be made, casually accompanied by instant noodle and soap opera. Right then my passions to become a role model as a diligent painter were arising. So on our way home I lovingly wrapped one arm around my elder son’s neck and carried the bag in the other hand, while my son carried a fake duck egg in each of his hand. What a charming scene when both of us, me and my son, were immersed joyously in the beautiful sunset glow in Guangzhou City.

《大人您请 My Lord》纸本水墨 Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017.jpg

My Lord / Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017 [Photo provided to]

Seriously, Chinese ink painting, regardless of genres or subject matters, emphasizes two governing principles, namely, an interesting soul and muscle memory(techniques). While some artists may be endowed with an interesting soul, rarely given by destiny but louder enough to dwarf other qualities, every artist can acquire some techniques through continuous practices. With good techniques, an artist could produce something admirable but not necessarily something adorable. In other words, there would be no better integration than one between great techniques and an interesting soul.

This exhibition features a collection of my new ink works of traditional link drawings to convey the relaxation, intimacy and delights characteristics of family feasts, which may be short of extravagantly served rare delicacies but is nevertheless plainly sumptuous and excellent in color, aroma and tastes, capable of captivating the sensual faculties and the heart while generating extraordinary aftertastes.

Given the glory of the very word “art” today, an artist who still paints at home like me could seem a bit “low-browed” although my sincerity is beyond doubt. As for other things I have in mind, I would like to insert a piece of advertising about my two other solo exhibitions to be held respectively in Beijing and Paris and I do hope they will come to your attention.

To conclude, I hope my heart will stay with my home and our motherland as my works go global.

Lin Yusi


Artist’s Profile

Lin Yusi

Born in Guangdong in 1978. Graduated from the High School Affiliated to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Graduated from the Department of Chinese Traditional Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. Graduated from the Department of Chinese Traditional Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and got the Master’s Degree in 2006. Now is the member of Chinese Artists Association, artist of Guangdong Youth Painting Academy, distinguished artist of Guangzhou Painting Academy and teacher of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

《宝石 Gem》纸本水墨 Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017.jpg

Gem / Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017 [Photo provided to]

Solo Exhibitions

2018The Feast, Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou

2017The First Exhibition of "Series of Young Artists at Guangdong Museum of Art"–Running 

Wildly at Night: Line Drawings by Lin Yusi, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2015VIVA PRIMITIVE, ALIOTH Art Center, Shanghai

2015The Cosmos, FEI Museum, Guangzhou

2013Traveling Heart, Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou

2012Cicada, 1312 Art Space Guangzhou

2012Trance, Wilber's Gallery, Guangzhou

2010Multitasking, Union Bookstore, Guangzhou

2009Lin YuSi Solo Exhibition, TIT, Guangzhou

2008Burst with joy, Muma Art Space, Guangzhou

《寓言 Fable》纸本水墨 Ink on paper 39x39cm 2017.jpg

Fable / Ink on paper 39x39cm 2017 [Photo provided to]

Group Exhibitions

2017    Underlying Change: The New Horizon of Youth Ink Art in South China, Gu Yuan Art 

Museum, Zhuhai

2018The Nomination Exhibition of Freehand Painting for The Young Artists, Lingnan Art 

Museum, Dongguan

2018The Chains of Memory–The First Show of Lingshang 189 Art Museum, Lingshang 189 

Art Museum, Foshan

2018Parabola–New Youth Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition of Guangdong Province, 

Huigu space, Guangzhou

2017Theme Exhibition Of China Contemporary Ink Annual Review 2016-2017 & Moutain 

Removing: The Thematic Exploring of 13 Contemporary Artists, Ucity Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou

2017Underlying Change: the New Horizon of Youth Ink Art in South China, Art Museum of 

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou

201733 Contemporary Art Center: A Three-Year Retrospective, 33 Contemporary Art Center, 


2017Chinese Narrative · Chinese Ink painting Art Exhibition for Hong Kong's return 20th 

anniversary, HKCEC, HongKong

2017The Unique Flower on Earth II–Contemporary Ink Exhibition, Sunyard·Sinceren Art 

Center, Hangzhou

《一八,有象 Elephant》纸本水墨 Ink on paper 24x19.5cm 2017.jpg

Elephant / Ink on paper 24x19.5cm 2017 [Photo provided to]

2017Revelation–International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2017The Chains of Memory, Lian Art Space, Foshan

2017ART021, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

2017Art Beijing, Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing

2017CIGE, Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing

2016The 6th Academic Nomination Exhibition of Guangdong Art Institute–Visual Production: 

Artistic Labor Witnesses the Changes of Times, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2016Annual Review Exhibition of China Contemporary Ink Painting 2015-2016, Today Art 

Museum, Beijing

2016    Being and Inking–Documenting Contemporary Ink Art 2001-2016, Redtory Museum of 

Contemporary Art, Guangzhou

2016SHUFFLING–2016 Young Art Project, ALIOTH Art Center, Shanghai

2016Hi Me–A Contemporary Art Exhibition, 33 Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou

2016New Creatures, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen

2016Ink Asia, HKCEC, HongKong

2015Art Beijing, Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing

2015Art City, Shanghai Art Museum of chi K11, Shanghai



2018Ink painting Cold weather to wear a tiger hat got the Louvre Carrousel 2017 Fine Arts 

Salon Silver (France)

2015Emerging Artist 2015 of Art 289 of Nanfang Media Group (Guangzhou)

2006The artwork Rosy Clouds won the Best Prize of "Ode to Huanghe Hukou Waterfall" 

Chinese Artists Association Nomination Exhibition (Shandong)

2005The artwork Green Door won the Best Prize of National Art Exhibition in Memorial of 

70th Anniversary of Long March Victory (Beijing)

2000The artwork Beyond the Starlight won the Best Prize of Nokia Graphic Design Contest of China Division (Beijing)

《雅痞 Yuppie》纸本水墨 Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017.jpg

 Yuppie / Ink on paper Φ32cm 2017 [Photo provided to]


Lin Yusi 2013-2016, 2016

Lin Yusi, published by Joincap Culture, 2015

Chan Yi, published by 1312 Gallery, 2012

Capital Letter, published by National Art Publishing House, 2011

Yu-Si Collection, published by Renmin Art Press, 2007

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