Refined Japanese crafts on display in Shenzhen


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Modern items of Japanese craftsmanship, which are mostly handmade with traditional techniques, are on display as Nanshan Museum, as part of Shenzhen Design Week.

Visitors can peer into refined pottery, lacquer ware, smithing, metal-carving and Bizen ware.

Craft in Japan has a long tradition and history. Japanese pottery and porcelain are distinguished by the unusual esteem that the ceramics holds within its artistic tradition, owing to the enduring popularity of the tea ceremony.

Bizen ware is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally from Bizen Province, presently a part of Okayama prefecture. Bizen is characterized by significant hardness due to high-temperature firing, its earthen-like, reddish-brown color, and an absence of glaze, although it may contain traces of molten ash resembling glaze and markings resulting from wood-burning kiln firing.

Japanese lacquer ware is often made from wooden objects, which receive multiple layers of refined lac juices. These layers make a tough coating impervious to water damage and resistant to breakage, lending to the construction of lightweight, easy-to-clean utensils of every sort. The decoration on such lacquers, whether carved through different-colored layers or in surface designs, applied with gold or inlaid with precious substances, has been a prized art form since the Nara period.

Japanese metal-smithing is also of high quality and greatly valued. To create various patterns on the surface, metal carving is used to apply decorative designs.

Dates: Until May 6

Venue: Nanshan Museum, 2093 Nanshan Boulevard, Nanshan District (南山区南山大道2093号南山博物馆)

Metro: Line 1 to Taoyuan Station (桃园站), Exit B

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