Guangzhou Library opens reading base in Pizza Hut


Can you image Pizza hut becomes a library? Now you can enjoy a book and spend a whole afternoon in the Pizza Hut.


The Pizza Hut Reading Base located near the Guangzhou East Railway Station. The Pizza Hut themed reading restaurant is open to the public for free and has been imported the circulation system of the Guangzhou Library. Via the Guangzhou Library Book Card, readers can directly borrow the beloved reading materials, and can also use the ID card to register in the restaurant. There are 5 bookshelves in the restaurant and more than 2,000 books. The Guangzhou Library stated that the books in the future restaurant will continue to be renew and provide more books themed food culture and life aesthetics. Together with Pizza Hut, the themed restaurant will be built into a“spiritual granary for book lovers”.


The combination of hi- tea and books gives the consumer a quiet afternoon

“Pizza Hut has created an innovative public welfare model that allows library culture go into the community and imply the form of a 'library at the doorstep' so that more people can enjoy the library service within a short distance. This cooperation with Pizza Hut is a good attempt.” said Fang Jiazhong, curator of the Guangzhou Library.




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