Visitors asked to protect sunflowers


A woman walks toward the sunflower garden in the south square of the Civic Center in Futian District that has been fenced in. DT News

Over 30,000 visitors swarmed the sunflower garden located in the south square of the Civic Center in Futian District over the past weekend. As many sunflowers were trampled and damaged by visitors, the city’s civil affairs bureau said it will take measures to protect the flowers and restore the garden, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.

Pictures of blossoming sunflowers near the Civic Center went viral on social media last week. The sunflower garden soon became a popular scenic spot in the city, but what came after the visitors’ smiling faces in their selfies was the unprotected sunflowers left dieing in the garden.

According to the city’s civil affairs bureau, the sunflower garden, occupying an area of 3,030 square meters, consists of five flower fields that are connected to each other by winding paths.

In a bid to protect the sunflowers, the bureau said it will deploy 10 volunteers to help smooth the visitor flow during the daytime and assign 20 people to take care of the sunflowers at night. The flower garden will be fenced in and the watering, fertilization and replanting of the sunflowers will be arranged.

The bureau will also improve the supporting facilities and optimize the existing paths so visitors can appreciate the flowers from designated picture-taking spots. Sunflower planting activities will be held so that residents can plant sunflowers with their own hands and learn the hardships and joys of being a gardener.

The bureau said the sunflower garden shouldn’t be a flash in the pan and called on visitors to behave themselves to protect the sunflowers when visiting the garden, according to the report. (Zhang Yang)

(Shenzhen Daily)



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