Airline adds new routes

Spring Airlines will open 25 new routes, including a flight from Shenzhen to Lanzhou via Shaoyang, in the new schedule that will take effect Sunday.

The flight to Lanzhou will operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The operator will add flights from Yangzhou, Ningbo and Jieyang cities.

The Chaoshan airport in Jie-yang City will add seven routes to Zhanjiang, Nanjing, Hefei, Yinchuan, Shenyang, Qingdao and Guilin in the new schedule, sources from Spring Airlines said. In addition, it will open three international flights to Bangkok, Phuket and Phnom Penh.

In Ningbao, four domestic flights to Harbin, Luoyang, Urumqi and Jieyang and an international flight to Bangkok will be added.

As the aviation market enters the post-festival off-season period in March and April and many airline companies are opening routes in the new schedule, the fares are generally low during the Qingming Festival which falls on April 5.

The fares of Spring Airlines flights from Shenzhen to Xi’an and Lanzhou are being kept at 680 yuan (US$107) and 650 yuan, respectively, on April 4, while the trip from Shenzhen to Shanghai on April 6 costs 440 yuan.

(Shenzhen Daily)



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